What are the scariest masks in horror movies?

Since the early days of cinema, masks have become a mainstay of horror films and why not? Roaming around the village with an ugly scary mask while killing really adds to the shock factor of a film. Whether it be for aesthetics or solely for the thrill, here are the scariest masks in horror movies.

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    What could be scarier than a masked killer? The answer - a killer whose mask is made out of human skin. This mask is seen worn by Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as well as its prequel and sequel films. This one has got to be one of the goriest ones you'll see in movies.

    • Sean YeWritten on October 4, 2019
      "The movie itself is very gorey and scary but if you just look at how this killer looks and how he kills is just disgusting and out of this world. I love how it looks tbh. Very scary mask for a good horror movie. The perfect fit!"
    • AffilistuffWritten on October 21, 2019
      "It's more disgusting than scary but for many people that's pretty much the same."
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    This mask looks simple yet very iconic as movie fans can easily recognize it. The mask was loosely on Munch’s The Scream and was eventually used for the Scream movies franchise. Though It might only have black blobs, just the thought of any killer wearing this would scare anyone.

    • Andrew WaltersWritten on October 4, 2019
      "I used to think that this mask was funny at first cause I haven't watched Scream but it has a really good design and very mysterious. No doubt it is popular "
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    Dead William Shatner Mask

    One of the more famous masks found in horror movies is this one from the Halloween franchise's Michael Myers. This mask just adds up to the already creepy back story of the famed slasher as it is based on a death mask made from William Shatner’s face for an episode of Star Trek.

    • Jack EdwardsWritten on October 4, 2019
      "Who doesn't recognize this mask? I've worn this before and it became my favorite because of the Halloween series. Scary but good-looking"
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    The Polite Leader's mask

    Imagine seeing a gang of killers wearing the same horrifying mask. This is exactly how The Purge presents the movie's killers while hunting for their neighbors. The Polite Leader and his gang creepingly sport this mask that has exaggerated features and massive insincere toothy grins.

    • Ángela BaltazarWritten on October 4, 2019
      "I was really terrified of this mask. Really looks ugly and fits well as a horror mask movie. plus I love the Purge cause they have the coolest killers!"
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    Machete Mask

    Jason Voorhees first sported a hockey mask for the Friday the 13th franchise. That was indeed scary but not a lot of people know that this machete-inspired mask from Jason X is even more terrifying as a spaceship’s medical computer accidentally rebuilds the serial killer with a machete as its template.

    • Hu DongWritten on October 4, 2019
      "More than scary, this mask looks bad-ass to me. Looks like fit for a sci-fi film LOL. I didn't know Jason from Friday the 13th had this on the Jason X film"
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    Lamb, Tiger, and Fox Masks

    You're Next brought a twist to how masks in horror movies are. The 2011 slasher film somehow portrayed slashers wearing animal masks. These assorted masks shown in the film could be deceptively adorable but they are worn by black-clad killers who loom out of the darkness to smash people.

    • Lawrence RyanWritten on October 4, 2019
      "Honestly, I think the masks for this film are all creepy and scary. Reminds me of the masks from the Strangers. Both cool movies"
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    Satan's Mask

    This mask was worn by an unidentified killer for the movie 'Satan's Little Helper'. Though it looks like a cheap Halloween mask, as "Satan" starts killing people for real, aided by a nine-year-old computer game addict, the mask starts to look more terrifying.

    • Jack PatelWritten on October 4, 2019
      "For some reason, this mask makes me laugh. I still prefer the kid's red costume in the movie though but this Satan mask is also scary"
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    For the whole 'Slashers' era, Preacherman might not have been the scariest killer but the mask he wears has got to be one of the most frightening ones. The combination of his sort-of-decaying human face plastic mask with his preacher outfit makes up for a very scary look.

    • Steven ReidWritten on October 4, 2019
      "Slashers really isn't that popular and Idk why but I gotta say that the Preacherman's mask is really creative and scary"

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