What are the sexiest bits that will get you hooked on Love Island?

For recent years, we have been treated to some good doses of the best reality TV shows. Not that they aren't interesting at all, but it seems like binge-watchers needed something new and engaging at the same time. Then there was 'Love Island'. First launched in 2005, it was originally a reality series that featured celebrities. After some concept changes, its 2015 reincarnation headlined non-celebrities instead. Since then, it has captured the eye of British viewers and has not slowed down since then. For those of you not familiar with the series and is curious as to what is 'Love Island', you might have really missed out as it already has expanded its reach with versions from countries like the USA and Australia.

The way that 'Love Island' has sort of created its own concept of a dating show has been very effective. It has been a cultural phenomenon and now, its new season is out. This time, its couples are shipped into South Africa to enjoy this Winter Love Island special. If you've been a fan of the show, you must be really excited to see some interesting villa drama and steamy couple scenes via the new Love Island cast. There's a lot more in store for you viewers and in this list, we have the sexiest bits that will get you hooked on Love Island. Check it out as you can watch Love Island via different sites anywhere if you're asking how to watch Love Island in the US. So enjoy your winters via another amazing season of Love Island.

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    It's summer in South Africa

    Love Island 2020's release coincides with winter time for most of the world. It is interesting enough that the series' new season takes place in South Africa via a pretty brand new and plush villa. By the looks of it, the new Love Island haven is much different from the previous ones which would make it more interesting for the couples. And by the way, summer in South Africa is from December to March, which is just perfect for some reality dating heat.

    • Elvira BeltránWritten on January 14, 2020
      "I've seen the first episode and I was surprised with how pretty the villa looks like. The pool and everything is just perfect for the show. I found ways to watch Love Island here in the US. Cool and sexy show!"
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    Love Island is hot on social media

    When you've good a reality dating show that's on TV most of the time on a single week, chances are people are really going to talk about it a lot on social media. The media and other entertainment gossip sources have been on the middle of things for every Love Island season. Recent experience have seen previous participants experience psychological concerns after the show. This is why for the new season, there has been a new proactive aftercare package for all the islanders after the show is over.

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    Love Island's cast members

    Love Island has the reputation of having really interesting cast members. Even though its era of dealing with celebrities are kinda over, there is sure not going to be shortage of drama and standout Love Island icons. Plus, for the new Winter Love Island 2020 series, twins have joined the show via Jess and Eve Gale. Other cast members include interesting personas that will make this show one juicy watch.

    • Katherine GonzalezWritten on January 14, 2020
      "Winter Love Island has got to be one of the most different season to date. Callum and Shaughna are my bets!"
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    Love Island is on everytime

    If you're into some heavy binge-watching of your favorite reality show bombshells, then Love Island is definitely up to your tastes. The show's excitement comes and goes depending on its development through time. Remember, it also runs for six nights every week (excluding its nightly recap) which may be quite too much for some. But that's how the show goes and though there has no been end date confirmed for the new season, we suggest you just enjoy the ride.

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    Season 7 is going to be hot

    If you have missed the chance to audition for a slot in Love Island, summertime might be your charm. Love Island season 7 looks like it will take place during the hot season as ITV2 have started looking for potential vibrant singles across the UK to take over the show soon. So, if you're good at winning hearts, then you're totally built for this.

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