What are the top anime powers?

We've all seen our fair share of shounen anime. Each of those anime series has shown us characters with crazy supernatural powers. A lot of us have even dreamt about having those superpowers when we were kids. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Marvel and DC Comics are a testament to that. Both universes have hundreds of unique heroes with their own powers. The same thing could be said about the strongest anime characters. There's no single character to rule them all. Everyone has their own anime powers and is unique in their own right. In fact, there are so many awesome anime powers that it's hard to pick which is the best one. Well, we're here to make it easier for you. Listed here are some of the best anime superpowers that you wish you had!

  1. 1Sharingan


    Naruto is already riddled with some of the most amazing supernatural powers. The shounen anime is highly regarded for its insane ninjutsu. The same goes for all the powerful ninjas in the franchise. But among all the abilities in Naruto, Sharingan would have to be the most powerful one. Even the Second Hokage dreaded the ocular power-up claiming that it was cursed. The Sharingan does look creepy on the outside but there's so much more to it than just its red and black color. Only the Uchiha clan carries the genetic ability among all the Naruto characters. It gives the user an array of powers but at the most basic level, it offers two abilities: The Eye of Insight and the Eye of Hypnotism. With those, Sharingan users can predict movement, break genjutsu, instantly memorize text, and more.

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  1. 2Saitama Strength


    In the world of superheroes, there are those that are just too powerful for their own good. Superman is untouchable when it comes to DC characters and the same goes for the Hulk for Marvel characters. But when it comes to anime, Saitama is the guy that everybody wants to be like. One Punch Man's main protagonist is a hero unlike any other, there's just nobody who can stop him. Saitama may look frail and weak, but no one has been able to beat this bald-headed guy ever since he unlocked his true strength. Through hard work, dedication, and intense training, he was able to break all limits of human power. For him, all it takes is one single punch to destroy all his opponents. It's because of Saitama's strength that he's considered as the strongest One Punch Man character.

  2. 3Super Saiyan


    Every shounen fan has at least dreamt of being Super Saiyan. Watching Dragon Ball Z has made millions of children want to have that kind of power. It could also be said about adults who grew up watching the iconic series. Almost every DBZ fan wants to experience that transformation for themselves. Turning your hair into a bright blond color while an intense glowing aura radiates from your body is fun for anybody. But, the power that comes with it is what makes us even more excited. When Goku goes Super Saiyan, his base power is upped 50 times both in strength and speed. Only those of the Saiyan race can harness the power, but the franchise has introduced different variations of the power-up since its debut.

  1. 4Alchemy


    Fullmetal Alchemist may not have been the first series to explore the idea of alchemy. Real-world scholars from a different century have wondered if powers such as alchemy did exist. Unfortunately, nothing really bore fruit from their studies. In Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, alchemy is based on equivalent exchange. That means for you to create something, you have to give something in return. You can't just create something out of nothing (unless you have a philosopher's stone). The ancient art of manipulating and altering matter into a different form requires intense research and study to perfect. Plus, alchemists need to learn the limits of their alchemy if they want their transmutations to work. Alchemy requires dedication and precision above all else. Once you got that down, you can do just about anything.

  2. 5Pyromancy


    If you're a Fairy Tail fan, then you know that nothing beats a world full of magical powers. With the variety of magic present in the series, almost everyone has their own form of magic. Fairy Tail's brand of magic is the embodiment of one's soul. Only ten percent of the population in Fairy Tail can use magic. But, out of all of them, Natsu's pyromancy would have to be the strongest form of magic. Branded as a dragon slayer, Natsu has the innate ability to breathe fire which he learned from his teacher who was an actual dragon. The ability to incinerate someone with vicious hot flames is dangerous no matter how you look at it. It's a destructive force that's worthy of being one of the strongest powers in anime.

  3. 6Hollowfication


    Now, if you've been a long-time Bleach fan, you definitely crave this power. Hollowfication lets users increase the strength limit of their soul by removing the boundary between Shinigami and Hollow. It might sound complicated but it's basically like a power-up. By using it, you gain tremendous power but only if you can control it. Every time you use it, a hollow-like mask appears on your face which symbolizes your Hollow state. But there is a danger to unlocking this power. If you can't control your Hollowfication, you'll be no different than a monster that doesn't listen to reason. That's why Bleach characters like Ichigo are stronger than anybody else because he's mastered being "hollowfied."

  4. 7One For All


    My Hero Academia has been nothing short of awesome in showing us anime fans a world full of superheroes. At the center of it all is a boy named Izuku Midoriya whose life-long dream is to be a superhero. The problem is he doesn't even have a Quirk (superpower) to be one. That's when the number one hero All-Might gave him one of the best quirks in My Hero Academia, "One for All." This quirk stands out in a universe filled with different kinds of powers. It's an ability that stockpiles power and allows it to be transferred. That means the power level of One for All is almost never-ending. It gives the wielder unparalleled speed and strength and a whole lot of other abilities that are kept in secret waiting to be unveiled.

  5. 8Geass


    Code Geass is brimming with themes of political corruption and world domination. But beneath all that, there's a unique superpower that we just can't get enough of. This supernatural anime world doesn't need superhuman strength or any other power for that matter. There's only one type of power that you need to separate yourself from the rest and its Geass. What makes this ability special is that it's almost impossible to predict thanks to its unique nature. This psychic ability manifests differently from each user 'cause it's based on their inner-most desires. In Lelouch's case, his Geass gave him the power of absolute obedience which lets him control anyone that makes eye contact with him. Others have the ability of memory alteration and even telepathy. Regardless of what it is, one thing's for sure. Geass is a pretty awesome power to have.

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Sasuke wasn't even supposed to exist in the Naruto anime series. During the early stages of the anime, he wasn't part of the original draft. It was manga artist Kishimoto's editor who suggested that Naruto needed a friend to challenge and compete against. After Kishimoto agreed, Sasuke came into being. The concept behind Sasuke came from an old manga character named Sasuke Saratobi. He was a ninja who had super-fast agility was able to conjure lightning. What's an even better tidbit is that Sasuke Sarutobi had a companion named Sakura.

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