What are the top clues you might have missed in The Fast and Furious 9 trailer?

The trailer for the ninth installment in the action-packed franchise Fast & Furious is out now. Fast & Furious 9 features many of the actors that we've come to know and love back and better than ever. For over a decade, the franchise has given fans high-speed car chases, intense fight sequences, and hard-hitting action. But it's not just about the action, fans also fell in love with the franchise's characters. That's why it's one of the longest-running movie series in history. You're probably wondering, what is Fast & Furious 9 going to be about? Well, you can expect more of the same high-stakes action seeming as the franchise has come a long way from street racing and undercover work. After the nuclear threat of Fate and the Furious and the introduction of actual superpowers in Hobbs & Shaw, the sky is the limit for F9. A lot of the original cast will be returning for this film. But, fans will be pleased to know that there are also quite a few fresh faces and even some returning characters from previous films. So, when does Fast & Furious 9 come out? The ninth installment of the franchise will hit the theatres on May 22, 2020. Justin Lin, who directed 2006's Tokyo Drift, is back at the helm for the direction of this film. If you've watched the Fast Furious 9 trailer and are just as excited as us, then you're gonna love this list that we created just for you. Here are the things that we learned and the things that you might have missed in the trailer.

  1. 1Justice for Han


    A lot of fans weren't happy with how the characters of the franchise forgot the fact that Shaw killed Han and that they forgave him that easily. Well, just like in previous Fast and Furious movies there's always a twist. As it turns out, Han is still alive and we're finally going to get the justice that Han deserves. The trailer even mentioned that "Justice is Coming" so we're likely going to get the long-awaited explanation behind Han's car crash.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2Mia returns


    Mia's last film was Furious 7 where she took her leave along with Brian. Now, her return becomes even more exciting with her notable action scenes that could be seen in the trailer. She hasn't really been involved in any fighting since the fourth film until now. That says a lot about this upcoming film and implies that it'll be a personal story for her as well. Her return adds some real weight to the story 'cause we'll be seeing her fiery side once more.

  2. 3The Toretto Family


    We're nine movies into the Fast and Furious franchise and who would have known that Dom turns out to have a younger brother. It looks like there is more to the Toretto family than we actually know. Ever since it was announced that John Cena would be in the movie, fans have been wondering what role would he play and it turns out he's Dom's brother. One thing to note is that Dom wasn't surprised when he saw Jakob and that they've always had this sibling rivalry even back then.

  1. 4No Hobbs or Shaw


    Based on the recent trailer, it looks like The Rock and Jason Statham will not be involved in this one. That's pretty bad seeing as fans seemed to like the movie franchise's Hobbs & Shaw spinoff. But, Shaw's mother Queenie appeared in the trailer. She reminded Dom about the consequences of going against family. That means that at the very least, we'll be treated to some sort of connection to Luke Hobbs and Owen Shaw. Who knows, maybe they'll even make their cameo appearance at the end of the film. The franchise has been known to have its surprise endings after all.

  2. 5Cipher is still the main villain


    It was revealed in The Fate of the Furious that Cipher was actually the one pulling the strings even in previous films. As it turns out, she still does in Fast and Furious 9. How she fuels Jakob's (Dom's brother) hatred for Dom in this film is similar to what she did with the Shaw Brothers wherein she manipulated the younger of the two siblings. Fans can expect the final showdown against Cipher once again as she continues to fulfill her role as the villain.


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