What are the top Easter eggs in The Mandalorian season 1?

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'The Mandalorian' is one of the clear favorites for the title of the best flagship program for Disney Plus. Of course, the new and much-adored streaming platform has all those Star Wars films that you need to get started with the saga. But, The Mandalorian is like the icing on the cake for keen fans. You can also say that it is the calm before the storm coming on December (The Rise of Skywalker). Overall, this show has been much-anticipated with the hopes for an extraordinary show coming from all Star Wars fans. Director/Creator Jon Favreau seems to have a burdensome task of carrying out Star War's fans' dreams into the small screen with this show.

With the first few episodes already out, you might have some of those fan theories confirmed already. With the show's amazing storyline and subtle references, one might get carried away and overlook some things that are just as fascinating to ponder on as with the more evident tings. In this list, we have the top easter eggs that fans might have missed in The Mandalorian. Remember to take note and appreciate those small details as you might need to remember those for future episodes or seasons. Come check them out!

  1. 1Droids and more droids


    The Star Wars universe is indeed one comprised of droids, droids and yes, more droids! There is the almost human-like droid C-3PO and the astromech droid R2-D2, which have been fixtures of the Star Wars films. However, there are also those who will make you think twice after the first glance. 'The Mandalorian' does not veer away from that droid-filled tradition and in fact, makes us think of it more. If you've actually seen that strange-looking red/white R5 droid in the marketplace and the round red-light equipped security droid at 'The Client's' headquarters, then you'll understand how many of these droids are actually on the Star Wars universe. 

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  1. 2Thanks for subtitles


    'The Mandalorian' is set on a previously untackled timeline in the Star Wars Universe. If you ever happened to be part of that timeline, it would not be uncommon for you to find a variety of species from different races lingering around after the events of the initial trilogy took place. One particular unfamiliar gibberish you might have heard in the first episode is that of the 'Huttese' dialect. Yes, you git that right. Hutts have a specific language that they speak and if you love Jabba the Hutt, you already know this. The scene between our bounty hunter protagonist and that bearded humanoid actually features a snippet of the Huttese language as spoken by that huge guy, who by the way, isn't a Hutt. It is quite confusing but interesting!

  2. 3Stormtroopers seem to be different


    We all know that Stormtroopers are the main ground force of the Galactic Empire and that they serve the purpose of the Dark Side. It is therefore hard to imagine those shiny-looking hunch men looking banged up, dirty and all messed up. The timeline covering 'The Mandalorian' though, is set on the aftermath of the war between the Empire and the Republic. For obvious reasons, the stormtroopers, at this time, are on the not-so-favorable side of the spectrum. In the show, you'll find some of them together with 'The Client', but these supposed-to-be strong warriors don't seem that well anymore.

  1. 4The Life Day


    Just when you thought that the Star Wars Universe is all battle, there's Life Day! This is a day of celebration for all sorts of creatures in the Galaxy to spend time with their families, something like Christmas and Thanksgiving or anything of that sort. If you haven't noticed it, as the Mandalorian captures Mythrol in the show's first episode, the creature actually expresses its desire to be free and be home with his family for Life Day. Unfortunately for him, the unforgiving bounty hunter seems to be all business despite the holidays. 

  2. 5The AT-ST Walker Killing Machine


    When AT-ST Walkers were first introduced in The Empire Strikes Back, most of you laughed at how these chicken-legged robots could easily be destroyed. Then, they made a comeback in Return of Jedi, only to further prove that they are inconsequential in the Battle of Endor. The Mandalorian, however, changed that. In the series, they are so much scarier and they're gonna ruin your fantasy that you could take them down.

  3. 6The High Ground scene


    This sequence actually hits two Easter eggs with one stone. The fast-paced chase involving speeder bikes is a wink to a similar to the same scene in Return of Jedi where Luke and Leia were running after Scout Troopers on Endor. It also made a reference to Revenge of the Sith when the Mandalorian says, “She’s got the high ground. She’ll wait for us to make the first move. This is a direct nod to Obi-Wan's well-known line: “It’s over, Anakin. I have the high ground.

  4. 7Baby Yoda


    We don't know about you, but we're totally obsessing over the cute companion of Mando, better known as Baby Yoda. Okay, he still doesn't have an official name (annoying), but in case you're wondering why we're calling him that, then look closely. You're just looking at Yoda. Like, literally.

  5. 8Mando arrives on Tatooine


    In episode 5 of The Mandalorian, we see Mando setting foot on a desert planet we're all too familiar with - Tatooine. FYI, this is where Skywalkers Anakin and Luke spent their formative years. We also see him resting spaceship down in bay number 35, which is a lot the Millennium Falcon in docking bay 94. The episode also features Beggar’s Canyon, which we came to know as the apotheosis of podracing.

  6. 9The Pipe


    This one may be a little bit hard to spot, so we don't blame you if you missed it. Yet, if you have seen the original 1977 Star Wars, like, a gazillion times, then this should be very palpable. In one scene, you can see a pipe leaning against the wall. Guess what! This is the same pipe that our fave characters use to wedge the trash compactor open on the Death Star.

  7. 10The Pit Droids


    We're sure you've missed them since The Phantom Menace, but they're back! Yup, those poorly-designed robots are featured in The Mandalorian's fifth episode, thanks to Amy Sedaris a.k.a. Peli Motto, the owner of those pit droids. She was reported to have worked with creator Jon Favreau earlier in 2019.

  8. 11Familiar weapons are found on the show


    You might not know much about one overly distinct-looking weapon that the show's lead character has been sporting. Yes, you got that right! It's that tuning-fork weapon shaped rifle that you spotted being wielded by Pedro Pascal. It actually goes way way back on some timeline of the Star Wars universe. Fans with deep-rooted knowledge will know that this prolonged rifle actually appeared in 1978's Star Wars Holiday Special. If you try to dig deeper, you'll find this tv special somewhere and you'll see another famous bounty hunter, Boba Fett, carrying this weird rifle. 

  9. 12Stormtrooper Helmets


    The Mandalorian is set years after the Return of Jedi, and it makes total sense for the series to mark the milieu with helmets of the fallen Stormtroopers. Doesn't it look more convincing if people get to see them eerily paving the streets? And more than that, this exhibit of armor also confronts us with a question: What happened to these downtrodden soldiers?

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Did you know that Pedro Pascal initially thought he was going to play Boba Fett? Yup, but we totally don't blame him. To be fair, there are still a ton of differences between The Mandalorian and the famous bounty hunter that many Star Wars fans probably haven't heard of yet. And we get it if he had the two of them confused. Aside from that, rumors had abounded that the then-new Star Wars project would greatly delve into the character of Boba Fett. So just imagine his surprise when he learned that his role would be entirely different from what he thought. Well, it was awkward.

Okay, don't get him wrong - we're sure taking on the mantle of Mando has been nothing but amazing for Pascal. Yet, we're willing to bet that starring as Boba Fett would have been so much surreal for the actor too. After all, this warrior is one of the most revered Star Wars characters to grace the galaxy, isn't he? Still, that doesn't mean we won't get to delve into Boba Fett's character (and other characters for that matter) in The Mandalorian, as Jon Favreau teased. For now, the showrunner hasn't revealed much intel. But he reassured the fans, saying, "We do have conversations. Part of what's fun to see if we could merge the worlds of the original trilogy, the prequels, the sequels, The Clones Wars, and what's been considered canon up to this point and what's been considered part of Legends."

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