What are the top Easter eggs in Terminator: Dark Fate?

He did say he'll be back and so he is. Fans of the long-time franchise will be thrilled to hear about the next chapter, Terminator: Dark Fate. Another mixture of hard-hitting action, humans fighting robots, and just straight up mayhem all around. Have a look at the things that you might have missed by taking a gander at the top Easter eggs in Terminator: Dark Fate. There are definitely some things here that you might not have seen coming!

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    Terminator: Dark Fate takes a page from The Bible

    Even the unlikeliest of pairings have their fair share of similarities just like how Terminator: Dark Fate references The Bible at one point in the movie. Sarah Connor refers to herself as "Mother Mary", the virgin mother of Jesus Christ. Jesus was the prophesized savior of humanity in Christian scriptures while Sarah gave birth to Jon Connor, the prophesized savior of humanity in the Terminator Saga.

    • Christopher ArnoldWritten on November 11, 2019
      "When you said taking a page from the Bible, you weren't kidding. Jon is the savior of humanity in the Terminator series and they actually patterned the idea with Jesus Christ himself. To me it's both unbelievable and amazing at the same time. I'm just surprised I never thought about it before. 👌"
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    "I'll Be Back"

    The film showcases two spins on the franchise's most iconic catchphrase with the latter being kind of a twist. The phrase "I'll be back" was originally heard in the 1984 Terminator film. In Dark Fate, however, Sarah Connor is the one to utter the words after she meets Grace for the first time. The other spin happens when the T-800 tells his surrogate family, "I won't be back" before he leaves to face the Rev-9.

    • Tyler PetersonWritten on November 11, 2019
      "It's so good to see that even Terminator: Dark Fate pays homage to the original details that made the franchise so iconic! "I'll be back" is and always will be my favorite catchphrase no matter how many other movies I watch! 😁"
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    "Guitars, Cadillacs"

    Director Tim Miller insisted on adding this specific Easter egg into the film, one of Dwight Yoakam's rockabilly hits, "Guitars and Cadillacs." The song can be heard when Rev-9 falls out of the sky and lands into a random family's backyard barbecue. Fans might remember the song from Terminator: Judgment Day when Arnold Schwarzenegger walked into the bar right after he was transported. 

    • Sandra WellsWritten on November 11, 2019
      "The production behind Terminator Dark Fate really outdid themselves with this one! I never even realized that the song was the actual song that played in Terminator: Judgment Day! It brought back so many memories after I read about it. No wonder it sounded so familiar! 😂"
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    Carl's Draperies Phone Number

    Terminator: Dark Fate wouldn't be complete without the original terminator himself. Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to the film as Carl, a draper. What's interesting about his day job is the phone number for Carl's Draperies is 888-512-1984 which happens to be May 12, 1984, the U.S. release date of The Terminator. Fans can also try to call the actual number and be greeted by the terminator's most iconic catchphrase.

    • Gerald DouglasWritten on November 11, 2019
      "Whoa. Now this is really an Easter egg! It just seems so cool that they were able to fit in the smallest of details such as this. It's really amazing! I wonder if they'll include the Terminator Dark Fate release date as an Easter egg in the upcoming movies? 🤔"
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    Terminator: Dark Fate's Grace Note

    This Easter egg comes in the form of one of the main characters, Grace. She's a combatant from the future that eventually learns that she's a half-human, half-robot cyborg hybrid. What's interesting about it is that it actually references one of the franchise's least well-regarded films, Terminator: Salvation. Like Grace, Sam Worthington's character, Marcus, is met with the same revelation.

    • Rose ReidWritten on November 11, 2019
      "I absolutely looooooooooooove Grace! ❤️️ As soon as I saw the Terminator Dark Fate trailer, I was so excited about the fact that there was going to be a woman Terminator. It's about time if you ask me! 👏"
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    A Strange Case of Deja Vu

    Did someone mention deja vu? A lot of fans might be surprised to hear about this Easter egg that pays tribute to Terminator 3. At the end of Terminator 3, the T-850 Terminator which was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger defeats the T-X model by removing his power core and jamming it into the evil terminator's head. Dark Fate ends in the same way with Grace's power core getting jammed into the Rev-9's head.

    • Beverly MedinaWritten on November 11, 2019
      "So that's why it seemed so familiar! It's exactly the same ending with how another previous Terminator movie ended. I just had this feeling like I've seen this before and what do you know, I was right! Still, it's a good tribute to the previous movies. 👍"
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    The Entire Movie is One Long Easter Egg

    Terminator: Dark Fate takes wholesale repurposing to a whole other level. If you thought the Star Wars franchise was recycling key sequences, Dark Fate recycles actual scenes spread across the franchise's different movies. The chase scene on a Mexican freeway, the bad guy steals a helicopter, good guys hide out in a motel and even Arnold sacrificing himself for the greater good. All of which are Easter eggs in itself.

    • Mark JacobsWritten on November 11, 2019
      "HAHAHAHA! I literally LOL'd when I read this bit. 🤣 After looking back at the scenes in the movie and realizing this after reading it, I'm just impressed at how good they are athiding the fact that they've used the scenes and the ideas behind them in previous movies. What a show! "


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