What are the top Easter eggs viewers missed in Westworld season 3?

Finally, we get to see more of the real world. After two jam-packed and gruesome seasons, the third season gives us a better look at the place we've wanted to see from the very start. With that, there's so much to look forward to in every episode of the HBO sci-fi show Westworld. Aside from the new faces and timelines, we also get pretty blatant Easter eggs in each episode! For avid fans of Westworld, this gives us more to process, or it makes things a little more interesting than they already are. From references to another famous HBO show to a deja-vu kind of tale between the main characters. These are the Westworld Easter eggs that will have you hooked!

  1. 1Mirrored experiences


    Aaron Paul's character Caleb begins and ends his days in a routine, almost like clockwork. It's not that hard to figure out that Caleb is very similar to the main character Maeve. If we're going to base it on season one's turn of events, it's safe to assume that Caleb will snap out of it and "awaken" to his reality. This is not to say that Caleb is the only character who also follows this way of life that's almost like a neverending loop. Dolores can also be working towards creating stand-ins for Arnold/Bernard and Stubbs which follow the same wavelength.

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  1. 2Liam's identity


    In the second episode, A Winter Line, we come to know the character Liam Dempsey Jr. a little better. Dolores was eager to get closer to the mentioned current head of Insight during the first episode. Why is that? We have yet to find out in the next episodes although we get to see a glimpse of Liam's park identity. This is seen through the device that Bernard is holding which displays a close-up of Liam's profile. If you zoom in further, you can see underneath the picture are the words "Black Hat". This means that Liam's park identity is quite different from his real-world one.

  2. 3The meaning behind Bernard's new name


    Bernard hasn't got it easy. With being the sole "suspect" of the Westworld Massacre who now has to go in hiding. With that, he starts working on a meat farm and assuming a new identity. We also know his character to be able to switch personalities with a push of a button. In Westworld season 3, we can once again expect Bernard taking on a new alias. Although this time, he's trying to head to a better direction and get himself together. His current alias is Armand Delgado, which seems like a pretty normal name. But upon further inspection, you will realize it's an anagram that stands for "Damaged Arnold".

  1. 4Westeros World


    In the season three episode "The Winter Line", A fan theory comes to life. There is a scene in the episode that puts a clear connection between GoT's Westeros and Delos. When Bernard and Stubbs enter the company's labs they stumble upon the Medieval World. Inside there are two familiar faces which Game of Thrones superfans can immediately distinguish. These are no other than the GoT creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss who happen to be guarding a creature akin to Drogon. The creators of Westworld intended this easter egg because of a pitch by George R.R. Martin, to create a Westeros World.

  2. 5GTA reference


    Grand Theft Auto or GTA is a pretty popular video game so it's almost not surprising that you'll see it being subtly referenced in a show like Westworld. Although it's not explicitly stated, you can get GTA energy from the app that Caleb uses known as RICO. In the app, Caleb makes his side hustle with tasks like "Smash & Grab" and "Red Rum". Sounds familiar? Aside from the app being a GTA reference, Westworld itself has been alluded and compared to the game many times. Concrete proof of the GTA reference would be a statement from the Westworld screenwriter Jonathan Nolan. Nolan stated once that they used Grand Theft Auto as reference material for the show during the 2016 Comic-Con in New York.


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