What are the top fan theories and predictions about Ozark Season 3?

Hey, guess what? The Ozark Season 3 premiere is upon us! Oh, you're not surprised? Well, that's just what we expected. Right after the Ozark Season 2 finale, a lot of fans were already asking, 'when does Ozark Season 3 come out?' Seems like there's no need to ask that anymore 'cause it's finally here! The Netflix Original is set to drop on the 27th of March this 2020. Finally, we're gonna get to see our favorite drug cartel pairing of Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney). But, this time it looks like things aren't going well in this drug-ridden paradise. There's a lot of rumors floating around about the upcoming season. Things that you might like and might not. We did our best to gather the best theories before the Ozark Season 3 premiere so you'll have an idea of what to expect. That said, check out these fan theories and predictions for the new season!

  1. 1Will Marty and Wendy turn on each other?


    If you've been watching the show since the beginning, then you've probably already noticed. With every season that passes, Wendy has taken a more active role in the family business. She didn't even have any problems ordering the hit on Cade Langmore. It looks like she's also become even more frustrated with Marty and his decisions. So what does that tell us? As fans, we better gear up 'cause it seems their relationship is taking a turn for the worst. We might even be forced to choose sides. It's hard to imagine the show without both of them, they're pretty much the lifeblood of the show. We can only hope that they settle their differences and make it right.

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  1. 2Some think Wendy might 'break bad'


    You can't deny that Ozark and Breaking Bad comparisons are warranted. The shows are very similar in nature when you think about it. A suburban family that gets caught up in the middle of a drug-related enterprise? Now, where have we heard that before? In Ozark, Marty gets his family involved with the cartel but fans seem to think that Wendy is more likely to end up like Walter White from Breaking Bad. That's why in season 3, there's a lot of talk going around that Wendy might actually turn on her husband. Yikes! I guess we'll just have to see how things unfold.

  2. 3Ruth is back for another season?


    Even though Ruth Langmore isn't the lead role, she has become a fan-favorite ever since she appeared on the show. Some fans even think that her return in Season 3 is almost guaranteed. But, she's not just gonna return, it's looking like she's gonna be the new top dog. Once Ruth realizes that Wendy murdered her father, Cade, you already know that she's not just gonna take that lying down. She may very well end up killing Wendy, or Marty, or even both of them for that matter. Expect to see some fireworks in the upcoming season.

  1. 4Jonah might help Wendy without Marty knowing


    The new season is shaping up to be a huge bowl that's just full of surprises. You just never know what to expect, but this one we kinda already saw. Even in the second season, Jonah was already helping out Wendy. That was probably the time when the power dynamics of the show had shifted towards Wendy even more. This situation gives us a clearer picture as well as hints to go along with it. Jonah will most likely continue helping his mother without his father knowing. He might turn out to be Wendy's greatest asset yet.

  2. 5Marty Byrde is in for some trouble


    I've got some bad news for all the die-hard Marty fans out there, things aren't looking great for our hero. If you've been watching Breaking Bad, then you're probably familiar with what went down with Walter White. You probably don't want to hear this, but it looks like Marty is headed down the same path. Of course, we're aware that he's just doing it to protect his family and we appreciate him for that. All we know is that he needs to get his head back in the game and return to acting as the driving force of the whole show.


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