What are the top films that have the best special effects?

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It's only when watching movies that we are willing victims to what we see. From high-flying lead stars, otherworldly structures, up to CG-upgraded creatures, cinema has the power to overwhelm us with its use of special effects each and every time. And isn't it amazing how we can enter a make believe world even though we know that all we are witnessing is artificial? Well, that's just how good some films might be when it comes to tricking our eyes. Well, we want to share the spectacle with all of you so why don't you scroll down and check out the top films that have some of the best special effects which will leave you in awe?

  1. 1Avatar


    Way back 1996, director James Cameron had already envisioned creating a science fiction film with standout effects and photorealistic computer-generated characters. Well, we all knew that the technology back then couldn't really keep up with that game-changing idea. However, we can all thank technological advancements and VFX studios as Avatar came to life in 2009, taking us to a new, mind-blowing CG world filled with exotic blue creatures and plants which you've never imagined seeing. Well, all the special and visual effects work surely paid off as Avatar went on to become one of the highest-grossing films of all time while changing the industry’s view of stereoscopic 3D overnight. Amazing, isn't it? 

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  1. 2Jurassic Park


    To say that 1993's Jurassic Park is revolutionary might be a big understatement. Well, of course it's a Spielberg creation. But, the genius alone wouldn't be able to create realistic dinosaur avalanches and chase scenes. Well, such creatures have never been seen before in live-action films that is why it took a technical merging of practical effects and CGI to create the look of terrifying dinosaurs. Honestly, Jurassic Park was a game-changer which paved the way for studios to up their special effects game in years to come.

  2. 3The Matrix


    To be one hit of a science fiction film is one thing, but to beat a Star Wars flick (The Phantom Menace) in a race for the Academy Award for Visual Awards is another! Well, this is what The Matrix has been able to accomplish with the help of its first-time visual effects supervisor. Just watch the movie and you'll be in awe with tons of CG-infested fight scenes and of course, there's the iconic 'bullet time' where you'll see Neo dodge tons of bullets in full 360-degree camera work. 

  1. 4Inception


    We all know how crazy the story of Inception is. But it turns out, it's special effects and visual effects game is just as wild! You can even say that Christopher Nolan made sure that this film was at par with his Batman movies in terms of visual impact. Well, all of it probably has something to do with the director choosing a single VFX studio to handle all the film's effects work. If you've already seen the film. we're pretty sure you've also been left in awe by that scene where architect Ariadne starts to casually fold up Paris in front of Leonardo DiCaprio's unbelieving eyes.

  2. 5Interstellar


    Aside from its brilliant actors and story, Interstellar is another Christopher Nolan film that has delivered the visual goods when it mattered the most. Just imagine how an epic science fiction film that revolves around alien worlds and black holes would look like without great visual effects work. Luckily, the same team from Inception worked on the film's VFX needs together with an actual theoretical physicist in order to create a visually-stunning four-dimensional space look. Well, Interstellar won an Oscar for it after all!


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