What are the top moments in which Batman broke his own rule and killed someone?

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At this point, we already know a lot about who Batman is. So why don't we focus on something that's a little different, shall we? One of the more interesting facets of the Batman psyche is his popular iron-clad rule to not kill. This is such an intriguing aspect of him that we thought it was well worth it to take a deeper dive into. How did the rule come to be? What motivates it? These are some of the questions that we hope to answer as we go along. Let's get this out of the way first. Batman, has, in fact, killed someone before. As a matter of fact, his kills were quite violent and bloody at the time. What's even more surprising, was that it all started during his early appearances in the comics.

The fact of the matter is, the main reason for the creation of Batman's One Rule, was caused by the moral landscape of society back then. There were a lot of children who read Batman comics who saw him carry guns and killed people with them. Mothers complained that this might have a negative influence on the young ones. So, this led to his No Kill Rule that has persisted throughout his history in the comics. It kinda makes sense now why critics and fans have such a hard time explaining why Batman doesn't kill, doesn't it? Regardless, there are still plenty of times in which Batman broke his own rule and killed someone. You can check it out below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

  1. 1Joker (The Killing Joke)


    No talk about Batman breaking his rule to kill someone can be complete without mentioning the Killing Joke. This has got to be one of the most ambiguous scenes in the comic book/film in which we see the finals moments between Batman and Joker laughing over a joke as he clutches the Joker's shoulders and lifts him up. Just before we see what happens next, the views shift to the ground but we hear the laugh suddenly stopping. It will really depend on who you ask but the argument is strong that Batman did break his rule and finally killed the Joker.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Bane (Arkham Origins)


    The Arkham games are some of the best ways to experience the story of Batman ever while also being able to play as him. There is this one face-off involving Batman, the Joker, and Bane, in which the Dark Knight is yet again thrust into a situation where he could break his rule. He is forced to choose to save the life of Joker or Bane, but not both. In classic Batman-fashion, he creates a third option by temporarily stopping Bane's heart in order to disable the device that would kill the Joker. He brings him back to life shortly after though, so you can consider this a "semi-kill".

  2. 3Darkseid (Final Crisis)


    In Final Crisis, Darkseid has yet again posed a threat to the entire universe and it is up to the Justice League to put a stop to him. You'd be wrong to think that Batman would not stand a chance at defeating Darkseid. The Dark Knight does what he does best and find his opponent's weakness, which in Darkseid's case, was a Radion bullet. Even though the initial shot was not fatal, the Radion was already in Darkseid's body and would have killed him either way. Batman knew this and took the shot anyway.

  1. 4Mental Patient (Batman #1)


    The early days of Batman in the comics were unhinged, to say the least. This was still the event when the Batman #1 comic book came out as we see him kill someone yet again. A group of mental patients was being transformed into monsters through a chemical. Batman shot up a truck transporting one of the patients to prevent the spread of the chemical. The mental patient survived the crash and was on the run. Batman lassoed the neck of the loose patient with a line from the Batplane with the intention of hanging him.

  2. 5Reverse-Flash (Flashpoint Paradox)


    Okay. Now, this kill has more to do with Batman rather than Bruce Wayne himself. We are talking about an alternate reality where Bruce's parents never died, but he did. In this timeline, it was Thomas Wayne who took up the persona of Batman to stop others from suffering the same fate that his son did. This version of Batman has no problems with violence and killing. Not only that but he even carried and used guns. It was in Flashpoint Paradox that we saw "Batman" stabbing Reverse-Flash in the back with a sword.


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