What are the top reasons to watch Itaewon Class?

Another day, another successful webtoon-to-drama crossover. That’s right! The highly successful Daum webtoon Itaewon Class by Kwang Jin is now also a highly successful Korean drama. In fact, the drama series is constantly breaking its own records in terms of viewership and is now one of the all-time highest rating Korean dramas. Why so popular? Well, aside from it being a popular webtoon, an equally popular Korean actor is also headlining the series. You may have seen him in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim or Hwarang. Want to know who he is? It’s none other than Park Seo Joon! Anyway, another reason for the drama’s popularity is its uniqueness and the story of hope and redemption it brings. If you haven’t seen Itaewon Class yet, then be prepared to be bombarded with the top reasons why you should be watching it.

Before we start spitting all the good things about this drama, let’s talk about its story first. Itaewon Class follows the story of Park Sae Roy, an ex-convict trying to rise up after his life was turned upside down. He later sets up his own restaurant, DanBam, in the hip neighborhood of Itaewon. For those unfamiliar with this place, it’s one of the most popular neighborhoods in Seoul. Together with DamBam’s manager Jo Yi Seo played by Kim Da Mi, and the rest of the staff, they rise up against the challenges and strive for success. Now that you know what the story is about, let’s move on to the top reasons to watch Itaewon Class. Here they are.

  1. 1Park Seo Joon’s acting


    For Kdrama fans, this is a no-brainer. With a long list of hit dramas including What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Hwarang, and Kill Me, Heal Me, no one can deny that Park Seo Joon’s acting skills are impressive. In Itaewon Class, he plays the charismatic Park Sae Roy who’s now becoming an icon because of his legendary haircut. It honestly won’t be surprising when we start seeing people sporting the same hairstyle like him.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2It’s in Itaewon!


    If you’ve been to South Korea, then you may have some knowledge about Itaewon. If you haven’t been there, then this drama will take you to the busy streets of Seoul’s multicultural hub. Itaewon is a nightlife haven, filled with bars of all sorts: classy, high-end, average, gay, lesbian. You can also find restaurants specializing in international cuisine such as Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, and many more. Itaewon is a spectacle on its own.

  2. 3Unusual but superb casting


    Trying to live up with the Itaewon scene, the cast of Itaewon Class is not the usual faces you see on Korean dramas. It’s not only Park Seo Joon, but the rest of the cast are also equally charming as him. They’re young, hip, and oozing with uniqueness. On top of that, they’re also relatable making it easy for viewers to empathize with them. There’s Kim Da Mi as Jo Yi Seo, Lee Joo Young as Ma Hyun Yi, and Chris Lyon as Tony Kim.

  1. 4A chance at redemption


    The story follows Park Sae Roy, an ex-convict who was a victim of unfortunate events. Sae Roy follows his late father’s steps and seven years after his release from prison, opens his bar, DanBam, in the busy streets of Itaewon. However, his journey is nothing smooth as he battles with Jangga Company. Despite this, the series shows a positive message that with hard work, one can always get back on their feet.

  2. 5We love underdogs


    Park Sae Roy’s bar is nothing compared to the Jangga Company. But because Jangga’s heir was the reason why Sae Roy’s dad died as well as him not finishing high school, Sae Roy is determined to bring the company down. Seeing this oppressed man trying to win against his oppressors, you can’t help but support and cheer for him. After all, we humans always love to root for the underdog.


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This list is about What are the top reasons to watch Itaewon Class
1Park Seo Joon’s acting Other 18 Paid
2It’s in Itaewon!Other 11 Paid
3Unusual but superb castingOther 10 Paid
4A chance at redemptionOther 1 Paid
5We love underdogsOther 1 Paid

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