What are the top sex scenes which were never intended to be funny?

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Tell me something better than watching two hot actors undress each other on a bed full of roses after a series of pillow fights and cuddling; Or in a pool under the moonlight with a bottle of champagne on the side; Or even in the most mundane place--inside a tight spaceship! You can't! You just can't! Because for us, movie sex scenes are always meant to be hot and steamy, if not, passionate and full of love! BUT we also know how one effort to make it wackier and raunchier could ruin the whole scene and turn it into a funny and most probably, awkward love scene, right? Enter our picks for the most laughable sex scenes in movie history!

Who would have thought that Tommy Wiseau's 2003 American romantic drama film The Room would also land on our list of hilarious movie sex scenes apart from landing on the Best Worst Movies of All Time? For heaven's sake, we didn't sign-up for an uninvited appearance of Wiseau's booty! And man, next time, be sure to hit the right spot! Speaking of hitting, Kyle MacLachlan and Elizabeth Berkley were totally hitting it off over a bottle of champagne in the pool scene from the 1995 erotic drama film Showgirls, until the lovebirds start acting like dolphins getting stuck in a tuna net! Don't get me wrong, the skinny-dipping scene was totally hot and inviting, but the way Elizabeth gets thrashed around by Kyle is very funny! You gotta watch it for yourself! If banging scenes full of sturm and drang is your thing, then you won't probably wanna miss Edward Cullen and Bella's first sex after their marriage. It's the perfect chance to witness how strong vampires are in the sheets and perhaps, it's the answer why through the years, they remain glowing and youthful! And that's just 3 out of our 5 recommendations below. To sum it up, we totally think these awkward slash funny slash cringey movie sex scenes are still worth watching. After all, we're here for laughs and great entertainment!

  1. 1Caution: Funny and slippery when wet!


    Sure, y'all can imagine how romantic it is to make love and make out in the pool with all the blue lights illuminating your totally naked bodies drenched in water. BUT, there's a big BUT! The 1985 erotic drama film Showgirls made it an extremely laughable sex scene! Featuring Elizabeth Berkley and Kyle MacLachlan, the sex-in-the-pool scene where Berkley thrashes around in the water, just made the lovers look like two dolphins in a net! We can't stress enough how humorous it is so you should better watch it for yourself!

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Holy Boy! You're hitting the wrong spot!


    If you have watched the 2003 romantic drama film The Room by the director slash producer slash writer Tommy Wiseau starring Wiseau himself and Juliette Danielle, you would know why this film was dubbed as the BEST WORST FILM EVER! Hoo boy, Wiseau seemed to work his butt off in this movie that even his booty literally made an unsolicited appearance in one of the unintentionally funny sex scenes in this film! To be fair, roses, satin drapes, and pillow fights made it less cringey when Johnny (Wiseau) was going down his fiancé's belly button! Yet, Lisa, his fiance, got us all ROFL when she screamed, "Where are you aiming, Johnny?!" What an epic-fail scene!

  2. 3Is it vampires' fountain of youth?


    Well, it's not impossible! After all, it's arguably true that at the heart of the fantasy film series The Twilight Saga, it has always been about intimacy and romance. Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is no exception! Bella and Edward finally sealed the deal after their marriage. The scene was heavily edited but it's funny enough to leave its audience space to imagine the whole scene happening with the broken bed frame and smashed mattress! Talk about vampires' stamina and strength, huh! This got me thinking, is it really the fountain of youth? We'll never know!

  1. 4Stuffed turkey, anyone?


    To be able to fully grasp the meaning of this scene from the 2003 comedy film Gigli starring the used-to-be real-life couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, you must know what 'gobble gobble' means! It's the sound a turkey makes! So just imagine, JLo's lesbian character, who got 'bent' and convinced by Affleck to bone with him, spreads her leg and tells Affleck "It's turkey time! Gobble Gobble!" Nothing makes it even funnier than putting all the pieces together: JLo as the turkey getting stuffed and Affleck to 'gobble' or to eat it!

  2. 5Hallelujah! Even superheroes do it!


    With Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah in the background, nothing has ever made a sex scene even more awkward (and funny) than Watchmen! Starring Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl and Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre, the 2009 adaptation of the hit television show of the same name just proved to us that even superheroes are capable of hooking up, not in a room but in a tight owl-shaped spaceship! I guess they're just into role-playing and skintight leather suits!


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2Holy Boy! You're hitting the wrong spot!Other 15 Paid
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