What are the top things fans should know about Mulan star Liu Yifei?

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'90s kids will surely remember how Disney made their childhoods worth remembering via 1998's 'Mulan' movie. Who would even forget how Mulan's character itself veers away from the traditional Disney princess route as she takes on the warrior-type package while maintaining that sweet young girl's innocence with her. Whatever made Mulan so loved by lots of people is theirs to rekindle with the upcoming 2020 live-action Mulan adaptation. This time, the franchise is going to rest on the shoulders of Chinese star Liu Yifei, who plays the title role. The actress has been one of the most successful names in her native China for quite some time already. As one of the most bankable new generation Chinese actresses, there is much to be expected from this lady.

Mulan head honcho Niki Caro has already said her piece about Liu, talking about how good and how suitable the actress is to be the new Mulan. After all, the 32-year old does tons of her own stunts while possessing such a pretty face. Aside from being an actress, she is also a singer, model, and brand ambassador. If you want to check out some of Liu Yifei's earlier films before Mulan hits theaters, feel free to do so for you to appreciate her charms and acting abilities. With all that she has, there might be a lot of things that her fans still don't know about her. We are here to provide you with some noteworthy things you might like to know about the Mulan star. Dive into this list and see some of the top things you should know about Liu Yifei.

  1. 1She is a social media queen


    Fans who are big on Facebook definitely won't find her presence on the platform since Liu doesn't have an account out there. However, she is one of the most popular and most followed celebrities on Weibo, China's premier social media platform. The actress has garnered over 65 million followers, making her influence known all over the country. With her rise to the cinematic limelight, we just might see her social media status reach unimaginable heights.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Some say she is one of China's worst actresses


    Liu Yifei has received loads of praise for her acting abilities from Mulan's director, Niki Caro, herself. However, in China, some may not share the same sentiment. In China’s Douban website, the actress has received low ratings for a number of her acting performances. If that is not enough, can you imagine Liu being nominated for the worst actress category during the Douban mock awards for three different years? That one is actually true and if any, the upcoming Mulan film shall testify to the Liu's actual on-screen prowess.

  2. 3She made her film debut alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li


    At the young age of 15, she was admitted to Asia's largest film academy, the Performance Institute at Beijing Film Academy. This propelled Liu to take on a number of TV acting roles while still in school. Finally, she made her on-screen debut in 2008's The Forbidden Kingdom as Golden Sparrow. This was no ordinary way to be thrown into the movie scene as she starred alongside Chinese legends Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

  1. 4She is multilingual


    One important facet that actresses are expected to have as part of their arsenal is fluency in different languages. Well, Liu Yifei is actually multilingual as she has spent four years living in the United States. Also, aside from her natural Mandarin fluency, she also knows how to speak French, Japanese, as well as Korean. As her speaking skills prosper, we won't be surprised to see her in a number of foreign-language films in the future.

  2. 5She became Mulan by beating 1,000 other actors


    Just to prove the dedication of the live-action Mulan team to find the best cast possible, they had to hold auditions in five different continents. Well, it turns out that Liu Yifei was able to secure the main role, not only because of her pretty face but as well as her English speaking skills and martial-arts affiliation. In the process, she was able to stand out among a thousand other contenders for the role. We surely can't wait to watch the new Mulan film as Liu showcases the all-around package she possesses. 


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