What are the top things fans want to see in Robert Pattinson's version of the Batman?

Once in awhile, celebrities randomly drop bombs that break the internet. The latest cause of the internet breakdown? None other than Robert Pattinson being officially announced as the next Gotham protector and heartthrob, Bruce Wayne. Online communities roared like wildfire when Matt Reeves, co-writer and director of The Batman, the newest film addition to the ultra-popular superhero franchise, shared a short clip of Robert’s first screen test on Twitter. It didn’t take a long time for #RobertPattinson and #The Batman to become trending topics not only on the bird app but on other social media sites as well. From vampire to bat, the Battinson takeover has now officially begun.

Following the announcement, DC Comics' loyal fans, as well as the public in general, made their sentiments known regarding the new bat movie. While many are excited for Robert, a lot are also side-eyeing the new caped hero. As handsome as Robert may be, many are skeptical about his casting as he’s got some big shoes to fill. Honestly, how does one make their own mark as Bruce Wayne when the predecessors are Christian Bale and Ben Affleck? More than that, the poor box-office performance of the latest DC movies are also putting the fans on edge. Will Matt and Robert be able to successfully revive DC’s glory? Honestly, fans are hopeful to see many things from Matt and Robert’s tandem. To sum up everyone’s sentiments, here are the top things fans want to see in Robert Pattinson’s version of the Batman.

  1. 1A storyline based on 'The Long Halloween' or 'Hush'


    The Long Halloween and Hush are both top contenders for the best Batman comic storylines ever. They also have villains that didn’t appear on-screen yet making them the perfect stories to base the new Batman movie. Matt Reeves, hear us out!

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Less of Joker, please


    Yes, Joker is Batman’s archnemesis and he’s essential to his story. However, people need a breather from Todd Phillips’ Joker. In the meantime, the evil clown can sit at the back and have his appearance on later installments.

  2. 3Hopefully, not The Dark Knight wannabe


    Most of DC’s movies failed because they tried too hard to become the next The Dark Knight. We can’t really blame DC, that movie was perfection. However, straying away from it and its influence would be nice. 

  1. 4Fresh evil faces


    There are many troublemakers in the bat universe so let’s pass up on Joker or Penguin, maybe? Many fans would like to see new evil faces that haven’t debuted on the big or small screen yet. There’s Clayface, Hush, Mad Matter, Man-Bat, and many more.

  2. 5Not seeing Bruce’s parents die...again


    We’ve already seen this scene countless times. In fact, almost all versions of Batman never failed to include how Bruce was orphaned. It’s a heartwrenching scene but come on, we don’t need to see it over and over again.

  3. 6Batman being the great detective that he is


    It would be fun to see Batman showcasing his talents on being the world’s greatest detective again. It would be extra fun if the audience would have the chance to solve mysteries alongside him. In other words, detective Batman in a mystery movie, please!

  4. 7A Batman more similar to the comic book


    It would be interesting to see a Batman that is similar to the Batman we came to love. Instead of defeating foes with superhuman strengths, fans would like to see Batman think his way out. After all, it was him being human that made him popular.


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This list is about What are the top things fans want to see in Robert Pattinson's version of the Batman
1A storyline based on 'The Long Halloween' or 'Hush'Other 16 Paid
2Less of Joker, pleaseOther 12 Paid
3Hopefully, not The Dark Knight wannabeOther 10 Paid
4Fresh evil facesOther 3 Paid
5Not seeing Bruce’s parents die...againOther 3 Paid
6Batman being the great detective that he isOther 2 Paid
7A Batman more similar to the comic bookOther 1 Paid

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