What are the top things that fans want to see in The Mandalorian season 2?

The Mandalorian (also known as Star Wars: The Mandalorian) is an American sci-fi web TV series that was created by Jon Favreau. It premiered on Disney's own streaming service called Disney+ on November 12, 2019. It was kind of a big deal for the Star Wars franchise as it's the first-ever live-action series in its history. The series stars Pedro Pascal as the titular "Mandalorian". together with Carl Weathers and Rio Hackford. They are joined by Taika Waititi, Gina Carano, and Emily Swallo in supporting roles. Apart from being its creator, Favreau is heavily involved in other aspects of the show's production. He serves as head writer, showrunner, as well as executive producer. He is joined by Dave Filoni, Kathleen Kennedy, and Colin Wilson as fellow executive producers.

The series premiered at the same time the Disney+ streaming service launched. Its first season comprised of eight episodes in total. A second season has already been ordered and is to premiere in late 2020. If you're unfamiliar with the show, you might be wondering what it's all about. The story is set five years after the events of the Return of the Jedi and 25 years prior to the events of The Force Awakens. It follows a Mandalorian bounty hunter and his exploits beyond the reaches of the New Republic. He is joined by an important asset called "The Child", which the Republic desperately wants to recover. If you're done watching the show, chances are you've pondered on some things after. Things that you might want to see in the next season. That is why we've made this list for you, dear reader. Check out some of the top things that fans want to see in The Mandalorian season 2. Have a look and tell us what you thought.

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    The Origin of "The Child"

    Yoda and Yaddle have been the two prominent members of their undisclosed species. The next season of The Mandalorian is a perfect time to address that mystery once and for all. We could possibly see what species The Child actually belongs to, where they came from, and what exactly happened during its first 50 years of existence before Din found him.

    • Angela StanleyWritten on January 9, 2020
      "The Child aka Baby Yoda truly was the star of the first season and I think it is the perfect time to explore his origins in the next season."
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    Revenge For The Fallen Covert

    It was revealed in the finale of the first season of The Mandalorian that Din's comrades have been slain as was shown by a pile of armor, presumably belonging to those who helped him escape with The Child. The Armorer did reveal that some have escaped the purge. Seeing as Din places the brotherhood in high regard, he would surely seek out revenge for his fallen comrades, possibly with the help of these survivors as well.

    • Xiang PanWritten on January 9, 2020
      "Seeing as how important the Mandalorians are to Din, it is to be expected that he will seek revenge for his fallen comrades. This is something that I want to see in the next season, for sure."
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    The Return Of The Jedi

    Considering that the show is set after Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, the next season would be a good opportunity to explore the "Jedi" and possibly encounter some who are also looking for The Child. This would be an amazing thing to see and sets up nicely toward the formation of an alliance between the Rebels & Rogues and the Jedi. Mandalorian Jedi, anyone?

    • Bruce ChapmanWritten on January 9, 2020
      "The Mandalorian season 2 is a good opportunity to explore the Jedi a bit more in-depth. Who knows, they may even encounter some. I'm pretty excited about this."


Jon Favreau, yes, that Jon Favreau, got his start in improv before becoming an actor? Actors all eventually make their transition from being in front of the camera to working behind the scenes. It is not an easy move to make and even harder to stay relevant and active after. Favreau is one of the select few that manage to do just this and managed to become even more famous for it. He was actively juggling the role of direct and writer and doing a great job at it. The journey of his career in Hollywood is an interesting one so let's take a closer look at it.

Favreau's big break came in 1996 when he wrote and starred in the dramedy (drama-comedy) film Swingers. He played opposite Vince Vaughn as well as Rob Livingston and Heather Graham. It was a film that really helped launch the careers of all these up and comers. By the early 2000s, his career began to shift towards other avenues starting with his directorial debut in the film Made. Then he directed the holiday comedy film Elf starring Will Ferrell and Zoey Deschanel. One of the biggest milestones in his career was when he was recruited to direct a little film called Iron Man. He was essentially the man responsible for kickstarting the MCU. He followed this with the CGI remakes of The Jungle Book and The Lion King. You'd think that he would stop there but no. The man keeps making hit after hit, with his latest one being the Disney+ show, The Mandalorian. Apart from being the first live-action TV series in the history of the franchise, it's just a great show in general. We're on the edge of our seats for what else is in store in the future.

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    Other Rebels And Rogues

    Din's actions against the Client and Gideon has basically turned him into a rogue agent and a rebel standing up against the Republic. This opens up the possibility for Din and The Child to meet other rebels and rogues along the way. They could end up teaming together in some sort of capacity or even forming their own resistance group against the Republic.

    • Daniel BryantWritten on January 9, 2020
      "What better way to stick it to the man than to form a resistance group to fight against the Republic. There's plenty of opportunities for Din to encounter others that would be willing to fight for his cause in the next season of the show."
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    The Night Of 1000 Tears

    During the first season's finale, Moff Gideon referred to an event called Night of 1000 Tears. This is an event that took place during the Siege of Mandalore. During this event, gunship equipped with heavy blasters attacked fields occupied by Mandalorian recruits. Season 2 could possibly a flashback of sorts to explore this tragic event in the history of the Mandalorians.

    • Wang SunWritten on January 9, 2020
      "This is what had me curious from the first season's finale. It's about time that we get to know what exactly went on in the night of 1000 years in The Mandalorian season 2."
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    The Science Experiment

    It's been pretty since the start of the show that The Child is linked to some sort of science experiment that the Republic wants to conduct on him. This is hinted yet again by Moff Gideon in the finale of season 1 and this could possibly be addressed already in The Mandalorian season 2. What dastardly plans do they have for The Child? Hopefully, this gets answered soon.

    • Margaret SmithWritten on January 9, 2020
      "They keep hinting at this science experiment all throughout the first season. Well, it's about time they reveal what exactly that is so Din can do something about. What evil plans do they have for poor little Baby Yoda?"
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    A Show Of Force

    We've already seen a glimpse of the kind of power that Baby Yoda possesses in the first season of The Mandalorian. Imagine if he's already capable of doing this much as a child the things that he could do once he grows into his powers a bit more. While we wouldn't want to disrupt the balance of the show with such a show of force, tiny morsels here and there would be much appreciated and would be really cool to see.

    • Jonathan BerryWritten on January 9, 2020
      "Every instance that baby yoda uses his powers was really fun to witness. Hopefully, we get to see more of those little displays of his powers in The Mandalorian season 2."
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    More Fennec Shand

    Fennec Shand is a human female assassin and mercenary how has made a name for herself killing for all the top crime syndicates in the galaxy. The stories about her are so lethal and legendary that even Din is wary of her. She only appeared in one episode last season and while it seemed that she was already dead, that could likely not be the case. We hope to see her again next season with Ming-Na Wen as she perfect as Fennec Shand.

    • Deng QianWritten on January 9, 2020
      "We still don't really know what happened to Fennec during those last moments of that episode. I'll bet my money she's still alive and will somehow make a return in season. Well, at least that is what I'm hoping for. "


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