What are the top things we learned from The New Mutants movie trailer?

After years of production delays, the highly-anticipated X-Men spinoff is finally here! The New Mutants trailer just dropped and it's already got a ton of fans hyped. Back then we weren't even sure if this film would be made available to the public. What with all the news of filming suffering from many delays. Not to mention the fact that there was a complication with Disney's 20th Century Fox buyout. It seemed like the odds were stacked against this movie from ever being shown in cinemas. But man, are we glad that they finally made ends meet and now we as fans can finally be excited again for the future of the franchise. The movie follows the story of the new generation of mutants. The New Mutants cast consists of teenagers including the likes of Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams. She plays the role of Rahne, a mutant with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf. She's accompanied by Indie-film star Anya Taylor-Joy as well as Stranger Things' Charlie Heaton. Judging from the new trailer, writer-director Josh Boone added a lot of horror elements to the movie. Make no mistake, this is the same X-Men universe that we've come to know and love. The film has been on-and-off since it was first announced way back in 2015. The New Mutants release date kept getting pushed back. But, fans won't have to worry about that anymore. With the recent trailer being released, we got a chance to see it and here's what we know so far. Check out the top things that we learned from the trailer right here!

  1. 1Magik's background


    People who've watched the X-Men movies before Deadpool know that Colossus wasn't in those films. He wasn't represented as a Russian either so that brings uncertainty as to how Magik would be portrayed. For those of you who don't know, Magik is Colossus' sister. In the trailer, however, she spoke in a very distinct accent that sounds like that of a Russian. With that being said, it points to the connection between "The New Mutants" and the X-Men series.

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  1. 2It's not really a horror film


    The first time we saw the trailer, it really looked like they made a horror film out of the X-Men franchise. To be honest, it's not a bad idea if they're trying to explore a different demographic. But, the trailer also revealed that the characters aren't totally helpless. In fact, by the end of the trailer, the mutants banded together and used their powers to escape the facility. Still, there may be a few jumpscares here and there but there's definitely going to be some mutant action too.

  2. 3Mutants are rare


    We're still not sure which timeline we're seeing in the X-Men film series. In Days of Future Past, there were no problems with mutants. There's a big difference between that period and the one in Logan where mutants were hunted down. It's still not certain where The New Mutants is set but one thing we're sure about is that mutants are shunned out from society. Not only that, but they're also running low in numbers which is a huge tell that they're quite hard to come by.

  1. 4Mutation is treated as a disease


    As it turns out, mutations are still treated as a disease in The New Mutants. That means that all the hard work that they did in the X-Men series didn't pay off. the perception behind mutants reverted to what it was in the original trilogy. The trailer showed a group therapy session among the mutant teens where they were asked about the first time they felt their mutations. It appears that there's also some brainwashing involved which led them to believe that their mutations must be treated.

  2. 5There are plans for the mutants' powers


    There's a reason why the mutants are being kept inside the facility. The trailer featured a shot of Dani being strapped to a table wearing an oxygen mask which was done to "help her get better." But, it's pretty obvious that curing them isn't the true intention. Cecilia Reyes could also be seen monitoring the mutants' every move through surveillance cameras. To some extent, it feels like their powers are being extracted through the experiments that are being conducted.


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