What are the top things you need to know about Cheetah, the main villain in Wonder Woman 1984?

The release of Wonder Woman 1984 is right around the corner. Star Gal Gadot is back once again as everyone's favorite femme fatale. If you've seen Diana Prince's epic sprint through the bleak emptiness of no man's land, you're going to want to see more of the badass heroine. For those that don't know, Wonder Woman (the first film) became the highest-grossing superhero origin film of all time in 2017. It made Patty Jenkins the best-paid female director. That's why fans will be thrilled to learn that she'll be directing 1984. Aside from the director, Gal is also accompanied by a cast of both old and new characters. In fact, Diana Prince's arch-enemy Cheetah in Wonder Woman 1984 will be played by Kirsten Wiig. Cheetah has had a long and storied history in the DC franchise. The character first appeared in 1943 in Wonder Woman #6. Her character's name was Priscilla Rich, a society lady who suffers from dissociative identity disorder. Yet, there have been many different characters who have held the mantle of Wonder Woman's nemesis, Cheetah. Take for example in 1985, DC reinvented Cheetah into Barbara Minerva, a British anthropologist. She was actually a friend of Wonder Woman before she was corrupted superpowers and transformed into a metahuman. Well, it has been reported that Dr. Barbara Minerva will be the character appearing in this upcoming movie. For fans who aren't familiar with Wonder Woman vs Cheetah comics, we've got you covered. Here's a rundown of the things that you need to know about Cheetah in the Wonder Woman movie!

  1. 1The Goddess of the Hunt


    This may be unknown to many but Cheetah isn't just a failed experiment or a natural-born metahuman. She happens to be the vessel of an ancient god. That means that she's not your average supervillain, she's much more powerful. Wonder Woman: 1984 is nearing its release, so fans will be able to see this for themselves. It's likely that she'll be catapulted from a B or C-list villain right into the mainstream. She has a rich comic history and great character arcs so it's good that they chose to go with her.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2The San Tribe


    The origin of Cheetah's powers goes way back many centuries ago. People known as the San Tribe used to hunt alongside cheetahs. They had a unique connection to the Goddess of the Hunt. For each generation that passes the tribe would choose a champion. That champion would eventually become the vessel of the Goddess of the Hunt. Minerva was able to make use of this tradition to become the new host known as Cheetah.

  2. 3Cheetah's bite


    One of Cheetah's most powerful abilities is her powerful bite. Her bite doesn't only have the potential to hurt Wonder Woman, but it's capable of something even stronger. In the New 52 continuity, Cheetah fought with Superman himself. Fans would probably think that she doesn't stand chance against him. Well, that wasn't the case. During their battle, she actually bit Superman and was able to pierce his invulnerable skin. That's how powerful her bite is.

  1. 4She used to be an ally


    In the New 52, Cheetah was actually Wonder Woman's ally. She had a job in Washington D.C. as an expert in ancient artifacts. Because of this, Barabara got to meet Wonder Woman. Minerva became obsessed with her new friends because of her love for Amazonian culture. The moment that obsession turned to hatred, she sought out the legendary God-Killer Knife. After stabbing herself with it, Minerva turned into Cheetah and became one of Diana's most powerful enemies.

  2. 5There have been others


    We know that Kirsten Wiig will portray the Barbara Ann Minerva Cheetah is Wonder Woman: 1984. Although there have been many others in the comics who have taken up the Cheetah mantle. They are Priscilla Rich, Deborah Domaine, and Sebastian Ballesteros. Barbara may be considered as the most popular Cheetah, but Priscilla was actually the first. This identity has been passed back and forth between different characters. But because Minerva is such a polarizing character, the mantle always seems to return to her.


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