What are the top things you should know about Westworld Season 3?

A perfect combination of beauty and madness, Westworld got us all on our wit’s end trying to decipher each episode. By ‘us’ I meant that us, normal human beings. I’m sure the intellectually capable viewers had no problems keeping up with the giant puzzle Westworld is. Truth be told, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s brainchild is epic in so many ways. If you’ve never seen a single episode of this masterpiece, then I’m gonna give you a rundown but don’t expect a deep dive. Sometime in the future, a company called Delos Inc. runs six theme parks. One of these is Westworld, a theme park designed to replicate the American Old West. No, this is not the Jurassic Park-ish theme park. This place is actually inhabited by androids called hosts and they are programmed to fulfill the guest’s desire. Over-the-top creepy, right?

The series has already run for 2 seasons and HBO has already confirmed the release date of Westworld season 3. This has got fans excited because honestly, the show is pretty awesome. But with Nolan and Joy being so tightlipped about the new season, there can only be a few things that we’re bound to know. What happened to Katja Herber’s character, Emily? Why was she listed in the credits as Grace? How about the rest of the Westworld cast? Who should we expect to see in the new season? Fortunately, the trailers and interviews provide us some insight into season 3. To sum everything up, here are the top things that you should know about Westworld season 3.

  1. 1We’re finally leaving the park!


    We know that Dolores finally escaped from the Wild West Park. That means most of the story will happen in the ‘real world.’ As a matter of fact, it was reported that some scenes were taken in Valencia, Spain.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2There’s a new company in town


    Scoot aside, Delos, a new player is on the grid. That’s right! In a commercial-style teaser released in November 2019, we know that Incite company will be in Westworld season 3. As shady as Delos, Incite’s spokesperson is clearly a host.

  2. 3A shorter season


    The first and second seasons of Westworld ran for 10 episodes each. However, season 3 will be a tad short compared to the two. The new season of Westworld will only be 8 episodes.

  1. 4The returning cast


    Considering the swapping of bodies, we can be sure of who comes back in season 3. Certainly, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, and Tessa Thompson are in. Jeffrey Wright, Rodrigo Santoro, and Luke Hemsworth are also back.

  2. 5New faces joining are coming


    Fresh faces will join the Westworld season 3. Some of them are Aaron Paul, Vincent Cassel, Lena Waithe, Scott Mescudi, Marshawn Lynch, and many more. What roles they’ll be playing, that we don’t know yet.


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