What are the wackiest One Piece manga theories?

Up in the high seas is an adventure so wild about a young pirate named Monkey D. Luffy who’s trying to find the One Piece like everybody else. Yup, finding the One Piece is the craze in the golden age of pirates—or at least, that’s what the manga One Piece by Eiichiro Oda is all about. Do you want to know why is everyone obsessed with this treasure? It all started when the greatest pirate of all time, Gol D. Roger, declared to world minutes before his execution that he’s left all his treasure in one place. He challenged everyone that if they want it, they can go look for it themselves. With his bold words, he inspired many to leave their homes and start sailing towards the greatest treasure known to man, the One Piece.

It’s safe to say that the people in the story One Piece were not the only crazed ones. I mean people from the real world are also hooked in finding the prized treasure. Though I must say that we’re not out there adventuring but are just following the story by reading the manga. Unfortunately for fans, the series is not bound to end anytime soon even though it’s been going on for decades. However, that doesn’t stop us from theorizing about random stuff that we feel will happen in the manga. In fact, the One Piece subreddit is filled with fan theories that range from plausible to crazy. Wanna know some of them? Wish granted! Here are some of the wackiest One Piece manga theories for you to enjoy. Do you think these are possible?

  1. 1Jewelry Bonney is Portgas D. Rouge


    A bit wild but Jewelry Bonney may be Portgas D. Ace’s mother, Portgas D. Rouge. What gives? It’s the name. She fits the treasure plus name formula Oda loves to use which means she must’ve been part of Roger’s crew. Bonney could’ve faked her death as Portgas D. Rouge. Another giveaway was her sorrow when she learned about Ace’s death. Even her own crew was surprised at that. Let’s also not forget that she has the age-controlling power to her advantage.

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  1. 2Gol D. Roger is waiting at Raftel


    This theory has been around for a long time but it still does seem pretty wacky. We know that Gol D. Roger was publicly executed so how come he’s alive and waiting at Raftel? Well, many fans believe that Toki Toki no mi will be used more than once and this includes Gol D. Roger. The guy met all his comrades before his execution so who’s to say that he might have been transported to Raftel and is just waiting there?

  2. 3One Piece is a Devil fruit


    If you think this is boring, think again. A wacky theory is that One Piece may be the king of all Devil fruits and also, probably the most secret ancient weapon Uranus. Regarding its power, it may either be two things. First, it’s the father of all devil fruits and all of their powers stem from it. Second, it may also be the only water fruit. Thus, this can grant the eater control of the water which is the weakness of all Devil fruit. Crazy, right?

  1. 4Enel isn’t crazy


    A crazy theory about the villain who everyone thinks is crazy. But seriously, Enel doesn’t seem to be as crazy as we think he is. We’ve seen him ride his ship to the moon or as what he calls the Endless Vearth. Others feel like the Endless Vearth is another name for the ancient weapon. It’s pretty far fetched but what if the sky ancient weapon is Enel’s Endless Vearth?

  2. 5Shanks is not a good guy


    Well, Shanks is definitely a kind person but as far as the story goes, he does seem to fall to the darker side of gray. How so? Remember the time when Shanks was attending the reverie and all other big shot pirates’ whereabouts were known? Shanks warned the Goresei about a certain pirate. Two days after that, the revolutionary army attacks the reverie but was wiped out by only two admirals (as per Blackbeard). That smells very fishy, right?


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