What are the weirdest Dragon Ball fusions?

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Pop culture has found one of its finest attractions in the Dragon Ball franchise. The title has dominated the world of anime and manga, while also making its entrance in the video game realm in more recent years. Anyone who follows Akira Toriyama's famed creation must have at least a couple of favorite Dragon Ball characters right under their list by now. After all, the Saiyan figures we see in the Dragon Ball anime and its adaptive sequels have been no less of fascinating in terms of power, abilities, and even looks. And as if fans haven't seen enough yet, there was something even bigger that the franchise has created - the concept of fusion.

The world has been crazy about a bunch of character-merger ideas since the release of the 1995 anime feature film, Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. The movie showed everyone what happens when two iconic characters such as Goku and Vegeta combine their strength, speed, as well their intelligence and wisdom. The results of these merging of attributes have resulted in some of the best creatures that the franchise has ever seen. Soon after, fans have always wanted to see new fusions in the mold of Gogeta, Vegito, or even the evil Janemba. Unfortunately, events like these happen only once in a blue moon during the anime series' run. Luckily for fans, the Dragon Ball video games have been more imaginative as they have experimented on new and bolder character fusions which we never could have imagined. Not all of those creations have been to the liking of fans, though. Whether due to underwhelming abilities or simply because they're just not compatible, some of these fusions simply won't live up to the expectations of hardcore Dragon Ball fans. Scroll down to check out some of the weirdest fusions that the Dragon Ball franchise has created.

  1. 1Kallohan


    Some may argue that this Piccolo-Gohan fusion is a brilliant idea since it serves as an extension of their master-student relationship. While that may be true, Kallohan straight-up looks like someone who would never get to debut in the animated series. Dragon Ball fans would once again remember how horrible Goku’s fusions with Namekians actually looks like upon seeing this character. However, if you're fascinated with Gohan's latent potential and Piccolo's vast combat experience, then this fusion will be worth your Hellzone Grenade and Kamehameha Beam Cannon.

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  1. 2Den-Goku


    If only Goku had his foresight set straight, this unlikely fusion with the Namekian Dende would never have happened. With the imminent threat present, the creation of Den-Goku was the only way to beat Super Buu and the fusion's finished product is not Saiyan-like in any way. Probably, there were specific reasons why the Fusion Dance had to be performed by characters from the same species. Seeing the mighty Goku sporting a green antennae will always be weird, no matter how strong the fusion may be. We could only wish that our Saiyan hero never underestimated the opponent and opted to fuse with Gohan at that time when it really mattered.

  2. 3Karoly

    Karoly is potentially one of the strongest characters which has emerged from the Dragon Ball Fusions video game. With a combination of Broly's muscular physique and Goku's Super Saiyan form, no one would think otherwise. While their combined strengths would overwhelm almost any given opponent, the problem lies within their individual differences. To put it simply, Broly hates Goku and being with him in a fusion would eventually lead to a battle for dominance. Fans can be thankful though, as Goku's pure heart has been able to take control of the fusion, at least in the video games. 

  1. 4Tiencha


    As creative as this fusion is, there is really no other thing that stands out from this Yamcha-Tien Shinhan pairing. As it appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, fans have been flustered upon how weird Tiencha looks. Aside from looking a lot like Gotenks, the dual-colored vest, white pants and green sash that the character sports isn't anything new at all. Add Yamcha's eyes to Tien Shinhan's head and you'd wish you never saw this weird fusion. Plus, the Dodohameha isn't anything special as well.

  2. 5Cellin


    Cellin is the product of the actual mad science employed by Dragon Ball video game creators. In Budokai, the powerful Cell accidentally absorbs Krillin, leading to this unlikely union of two very contradicting characters. Basically, this character is just a downgraded version of Cell partnered with Krillin's characteristics and even the Turtle Hermit symbol on his body. Typically, Cell Juniors were very strong adversaries who could take on a full-powered Super Saiyan Goku and win. Unfortunately, Cellin just doesn't look right in a lot of ways, making it a weird Dragon Ball fusion.


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