What are the worst live-action adaptations of animated shows?

With the news of upcoming live-action anime adaptations like'Cowboy Bepop' or even 'One Piece' underway, fans have gotten too excited. But whether or not they expect much from these upcoming projects is another thing. After all, we have seen the most beloved anime shows enter the realm of live-action movies which turned out to be very underwhelming to say at least. This is why every anime fan cannot help but pray for better casting, writing, and production for the upcoming projects. Changing storylines can sometimes be a problem for fans, Expecting the exact thing from your top anime shows to translate into these live-action adaptations can be problematic as we have seen in the not-so-distant past. If there has been a problem with video-games turning into films, then the same can be said about anime. 

However, it may not be too late to expect something good from this genre. As we know, there are some Netflix live-action adaptations to come in the near future. If we look at precedents, high-budget productions and great CG can be tricky as they don't seem to guarantee fan satisfaction. One thing, though, is that cinema can only get better from here and there is hope for us to witness the next great film via live-action adaptations coming soon. For your reference, here are some of the worst live-action adaptations of animated shows that you can find. Not everything about these films can be that bad, but they at least fall short of what the ultimate live-action flick from an anime is expected to look like. 

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    The Last Airbender

    Avatar: The Last Airbender is widely-known to be a hit animated TV series by everyone. However, the live-action film adaptation just tries to compact a lengthy story into one flick. Pair this factor along with weird casting choices and not-so-exciting action scenes, then you have for yourself an underwhelming action movie. The CG might be good but director M. Night Shyamalan's genius doesn't seem to translate to this film at all. 

    • Victoria PanWritten on January 3, 2020
      "Well I guess this film did what it could do but translating the anime into a time-constricted live-action adaptation can really be problematic. I'd say this is is not the worst of them all though. Dragonball evolution is still the most upsetting!"
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    Dragonball Evolution

    We all know how big of a deal the Dragon Ball animated series is for its fans and anime lovers around the world in general. When you've got a live-action movie of this franchise that features a guy that doesn't look like Goku at all, then you've got a problem. The rest of the cast looks decent and cool overall but that doesn't mean it'll pass for a good action flick. Add up the confusing storyline that diverts so much from the original one and you know Dragonball Evolution is just not gonna make the cut. 

    • Henry ReynoldsWritten on January 3, 2020
      "Totally out of this world in a bad way. How could you even cast Goku this bad. Jamie Chung was okay though but overall not a good live-action adaptation for Dragon Ball!"
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    Death Note

    The Death Note anime and manga that we all love has taken a hit with the Netflix live-action adaptation and this is due to a lot of factors. This cat-and-mouse game of murder that the 2017 film is filled with inconsistencies that are hard for fans to let pass. The character portrayals of Light and L can be seen as a real are of improvement and even the casting of William Dafoe fails to save the movie. If the film really wanted to make an impact on Death Note fans, then it should have done better.

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    Attack on Titan

    From the moment the movie was announced, Attack on Titan fans were so hyped about its release but the live-action adaptation of this beloved anime/manga just failed in a lot of ways. For one, the change of setting into a near-future Japan really caught the ire of its faithful. Yes, the Cg could be passable in this flick but using armored vehicles to battle the Titans was definitely one unforgivable thing.

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    The Michael Bay Transformers movies

    We know how beloved Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox made this live-action movie franchise take its moments on the limelight. The Michael Bay Transformers movies have indeed got magical CG moments with high-octane explosions together with grand-looking robots. Aside from that, though, the franchise seems to get worse as it progresses with every film's release. This is not exactly what fans want from a live-action adaptation.

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