What are the worst moments in the awfully adapted Artemis Fowl trailer?

The sad funeral march can be heard even miles across from the City of Stars as the second trailer of Artemis Fowl was released. Okay, that’s way too dramatic but honestly, fans of the evil genius are up in arms about Disney’s Artemis Fowl movie adaptation. Just from seeing the trailer, one can conclude that the beloved series is bound to join the ranks of Percy Jackson, Inkheart, and all the books butchered by the Hollywood people. It’s just tragic, Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl gave us a kid who’s 10 steps ahead of everyone, an evil kid who eventually finds the right path but is unable to shake off his ruthlessness. This anti-hero was a breath of fresh air amongst the sea of goody two shoes. However, Disney bleached him, stripping away his uniqueness and turning him into a generic protagonist who’s a far cry from what he really was.

Was the trailer that awful to receive such backlash? That depends on your perspective. Putting aside the book bias, the Artemis Fowl movie seems okay-ish at best. Directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Ferdia Shaw, Lara McDonnell, Josh Gad, Colin Farrell, and Judi Dench, it does look promising. However, in the trailer, we see the words ‘based on the best-selling novel’ yet the things we’ve seen so far are very different from the book. If you have no time to dissect the trailer, don’t worry, we’ve already done that for you. We give you the worst moments in the awfully adapted Artemis Fowl trailer. Go and have a look, then tell us what you think about it. Is it an abomination or are fans just overreacting?

  1. 1Artemis Fowl is not the anti-hero we know him to be


    Ah, undeniably the worst thing about the trailer is seeing this Disney-fied Artemis Fowl who is nothing like the book Artemis Fowl. Gone is the cold, calculating, and ruthless anti-hero. On his wake, a wide-eyed, awestruck, innocent kid replaces him. Disney, for whatever reason they may have, has stripped down Artemis of his uniqueness. In the trailer, we see a generic superhero child trying to save his kidnapped father. Truly tragic.

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  1. 2Artemis Senior is a doting father


    What made Artemis Fowl grow cold and evil was his father. Artemis Senior trained his son to be emotionally void, making him cold and apathetic. It was a big shock for book fans to see a doting father expressing his love for his kid. Even if Artemis Senior turned out to be Colin Ferrell, a loving father is still OOC. This deserves a high rank on the worst moments in the Artemis Fowl trailer.

  2. 3Holly Short introducing herself as Artemis’ ally


    In the books, Holly Short was a fairy who Artemis kidnapped in exchange for a ransom. That doesn’t make them allies, right? However, in the Artemis Fowl trailer, we see them being introduced to each other and Holly boldly declaring she is his ally. Seriously, this adaptation has gone bananas. We may never get to see how these two develop their friendship over time because, in the trailer, they’re not even enemies.

  1. 4Mulch Diggums is also Artemis' ally


    The despicable Mulch Diggums also declares himself as Artemis’ ally as seen in the second trailer of the Artemis Fowl movie. Mulch being the trickster that he is maybe scheming something against the kid. Still, this deserves a spot on the worst moments of the Artemis Fowl trailer because that’s not how the two characters met. Anyway, we can only hope this is part of Mulch’s evil plans.

  2. 5Commander Root has been gender-bent


    The commander of the Reconnaissance division of the Lower Elements Police was—at least in the books—a male. Commander Julius Roots was often angry and when he is, his face turns red. However, in the Artemis Fowl trailer, we see no man. Captain Root has been gender-bent played by Judy Dench. It’s shocking to see a female commander but Dench’s portrayal seems fierce so we really won’t complain much.


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