What are the worst quirks in My Hero Academia?

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Yes, God has his favorites. Even in a world where having superpowers is the norm, not all quirks are definitely created equal. Unlike the powerful quirks like One For All and Permeation, there are quirks that don't stand out as much in a fight. The worst quirks in Boku No Hero Academia are often those given to the supporting characters. I mean, can you imagine the lead with a quirk that makes them turn into an animal and nothing else? It wouldn't make a pretty good hero origin story. We list down the worst quirks in BNHA, not to say that the characters who have them don't try their best when they make use of it.

  1. 1Dog Face


    We first got a glimpse of Kenji Tsuragamae's dog face in the episode The Aftermath of 'Hero Killer: Stain'. His quirk, Dog Face is considered one of the worst due to the fact that we don't know a whole lot about it. We only know that the police officer takes on a canine form. It's also unclear what other things he can do with his quirk. What we can observe is that the quirk not only gives him the physical appearance of a dog. It also makes him act like a dog, given that he barks between sentences. Perhaps he's in the police force given that dogs are known to be loyal protectors.

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  1. 2Sugar Rush


    Rikido Sato is a buff student from UA Class 1-A and is known for his quirk called Sugar Rush. The quirk named Sugar Rush allows Sato to gain more power as he eats all sorts of sweets. Varying from cakes, cookies, and candy, among many others. You can say this quirk is a sweet tooth's dream come true. Although the downside of the Sugar Rush quirk is that Sato depends on it. Without the dozen cupcake's he gobbles down in one go, he is rendered lethargic and weak. The quirk is very dependent on the sweet treats he feeds himself.

  2. 3Gecko


    With such an awesome character design you would think that Shuichi Iguchi would have a powerful quirk to match. The League of Villains member's quirk is known as the Gecko. What he can do is stick on walls and look like a human-sized lizard. That's it. Given his pretty cool physical stature, you would think he had a quirk that would give it justice. That's not the case with Shuichi Iguchi and all he has to depend on other than his quirk is his weapon. Without that, Iguchi won't be able to do much with his Gecko quirk.

  1. 4Gas


    A quirk that produces toxic gas is actually pretty cool. Mustard can emit and control gas that can put enemies to sleep. He can spread the gas in a very wide radius while he controls it at the very center. But the thing that just ticks us off about his oh-so-powerful quirk is that he's not even immune to his own ability. What we mean by that is, his own gas quirk is dangerous even to him. That's why he uses a gas mask every time he uses his quirk so he doesn't inhale the toxic fumes that come from it. Talk about a double-edged sword. For whatever reason that Kohei Horikoshi might have had in making it the way that it is, it's just not a good quirk. 

  2. 5Big Fist


    We hate to have to do this but, as cute as she is, Itsuka has one of the worst quirks in My Hero Academia. Kendo is the class president of Class 1B, she's intelligent, and has a wonderful personality. That's why it pains us that she was given such an inferior quirk. Her quirk known as Big Fist gives her the ability to make her hands massive. It actually makes her stronger with the increase in size which lets her pick up objects that are much heavier. Even so, it's still a pretty lackluster quirk, not just when it comes to ability but in style too. It's a good thing that Kendo is as bright as she is and that's why she's gotten this far. Plus, she said so herself, "It's not about the quirk, it's how you use it."

  3. 6Pop Off


    Minoru Mineta is one of those creepy anime characters that you wouldn't want near any woman. Mineta has a quirk called Pop Off. The quirk he possesses allows him to pull sticky grape-like balls directly from his head. The Pop Off quirk acts like a super glue once it sticks to a person or object. However, if he pulls too many grape-like balls, his head starts bleeding. What makes the Pop Off not the best quirk has got to be its lack of adaptability. You can't always use the Pop Off and it's only useful in specific situations. It's an assisting quirk more than anything else.

  4. 7Navel Laser


    On the surface, Yuga Aoyama's Navel Laser seems like a pretty cool quirk that can attack from a far-range. The quirk of shooting sparkly lasers seems like it doesn't deserve to be in a list of worst quirks. I mean, he can go from one corner to the other and shoot lasers like a free for all. But if you actually pay attention to it, the quirk is quite lacking. If Aoyama overuses his Navel Laser quirk, he will start having a stomachache. And once that happens, he can no longer use his quirk effectively and he has to rest until it's gone.

  5. 8Tail


    Saying that Ojiro's quirk is one of the worst ones may seem like a bit too much. In fact, his quirk 'Tail' is pretty useful. It allows him to move around quicker and essentially gives him an extra limb to work with. He has even demonstrated his effective combat skills thanks to his quirk. But, that's not really the problem with it. Even if it's kind of useful, you can't deny that his quirk is one of the most boring quirks in the entire series. Maybe it's because of his dull quirk that Ojiro hasn't really been in the limelight of My Hero Academia. He hasn't really had this shining moment or this huge part to play in the show yet other than helping out Deku prepare for his match with Shinso.

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Series creator Kohei Horikoshi gave almost every character in My Hero Academia a meaningful name. The names that he had given them are usually based around Japanee wordplay. To give an example, Iida Tenya's name comes from the word 'idaten.' It's a term that originated from the name of the Buddhist figure Skanda. It's used to refer to person who's fast on their feet, just like how Iida is with his quirk. Another one is Bakugo whose name comes from the words 'baku,' meaning bomb or explosion, and 'go' which could mean either strength or power. 

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