What are your biggest questions about Baby Yoda?

The Mandalorian's first season has become more than a fan favorite. Disney's flagship series has lived up to the hype. Since its release, it's sparked countless online discussions and fan theories. Based on data from Parrot Analytics, the show has become the most in-demand series in the world. It's even surpassed Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and other popular titles. But what is it about the show that makes it so darn addicting? Well if there's one thing that fans love more than anything in the entire series, it's Baby Yoda! BY, so to speak, has caught the hearts of each Star Wars fans. So much so that they can't get enough of him. Baby Yoda merchandise have become a hot commodity and well in-demand. Fans seem to love him not only because he's cute but 'cause he's also wrapped in mystery. Along with the merch, countless articles about The Mandalorian Baby Yoda theory have sprung out from every website. The show is a part of the well-renowned franchise so you can expect fans to develop their own theory of Baby Yoda. Not to mention, the events that have transpired in the series have given fans quite a lot to think about. How did those soldiers grab a hold of him? What does the Galactic Empire want with him? Are his species natural-born force users? All these questions have probably got you wondering yourself. So, what's your favorite Baby Yoda fan theory? Well, we can help you with that. Here's a list of the biggest questions about Baby Yoda!

  1. 1Is Baby Yoda a clone?


    If there's one thing we can be sure of, it's that Yoda's species is very hard to come by. Other than Yoda and now Baby Yoda, there was only one other that we've seen: Yaddle. She's a female of the species that appeared in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. In the Mandalorian's third episode, Doctor Pershing was seen wearing a patch with an insignia similar to that worn by the clones of Jango Fett. So the idea of cloning isn't impossible.

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  1. 2Is Baby Yoda the last of his species?


    We know that there's not a lot of them out there. But, just how rare are they? Plus, if they're so rare wouldn't both sides have an interest in preserving them? One fan theory leads us to believe that Baby Yoda is actually the last of his kind because the Client wants to clone him. There was also mention of extracting the "the necessary material." This statement could actually refer to the cloning process and it could also imply that they need to clone him because he is the last of his kind.

  2. 3Does Baby Yoda have a connection to Emperor Palpatine?


    Okay, this theory is a little wild. We know that Yoda had a high midi-chlorian count and that Baby Yoda might be related to him. Is it possible that his "genetic material" might be of use to a force-sensitive being that has lost his or her connection to the force or is close to dying? I think you know who we're talking about. What if the unknown party who ordered the Client to bring Baby Yoda back alive was none other than Emperor Palpatine? If this theory were true, it would be a great tie-in between The Mandalorian and the Rise of Skywalker.

  1. 4Is Baby Yoda the lovechild of Yoda and Yaddle?


    Is it possible that baby Yoda is the son of an actual couple of the same species? Well, it's probable. He could be the child of the legendary Jedi Master Yoda and Yaddle, the force-sensitive female of the same species. This theory makes sense because both of them were the only ones of the unknown green species in the entire Star Wars universe. Also, they were both on the Jedi Council so it's not unlikely that they turned out to be a couple.

  2. 5Is Baby Yoda the reincarnated version of Yoda?


    What if The Child is the reincarnation of the old Yoda that we all know and love? Yoda passed away peacefully at the age of 900 in Return of the Jedi. Fans would be thrilled if Baby Yoda was, in fact, the younger and newer version of Yoda. But, there are some problems with this theory. Like the use of Force ghosts, if it's apparent for Jedis then Yoda wouldn't need to reincarnate himself. Plus, the timeline gets pretty messed up if Baby Yoda was around for 40 years before Yoda's death.


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