Where is NCIS: New Orleans filmed?

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There’s something about procedural crime drama shows that make them last longer than expected. Perhaps it is because of our fascination with a criminal investigation, or maybe because we love seeing how a person who commits a crime finally gets punished. For whatever reason, most of the time, these kinds of shows can run on TV for as long as 15 years. From Criminal Minds to NCIS, clearly, police procedurals are so popular that they even get considered to be the most-watched television shows in the United States. Well, these shows wouldn't come this far if it wasn't for a large number of viewers. But speaking of CBS’s NCIS, its seventeenth season is finally over. And if you’re one of those people who has watched the latest season and the final episode, you may be having a lot of questions in your head right now. Would there be another season to be excited for? What would happen next? But while waiting for these questions to be answered, why don’t you explore first the place where the NCIS: New Orleans was filmed? But wait, was it really filmed in its namesake which is New Orleans? Find out more by scrolling down this page.

  1. 1New Orleans, Louisiana


    Where are some of your favorite NCIS: New Orleans episodes filmed? Whether you are planning to solve a crime, relive your favorite scenes, or you simply want to explore The Big Easy, you may want to visit New Orleans so you can give yourself a tour in some of the most familiar places that you were only able to see on TV. Yup, that’s right! NCIS: New Orleans was filmed around New Orleans.

    In case you want to know where the sound stage is located, it’s found in Harahan. To be more exact, it is located at 719, St. Ann Street between Bourbon Street and Royal Street. According to CBS, it is part of Jefferson Parish.

    Once you get inside the building, you will feel as though you're in one of the NCIS: New Orleans scenes. In this building, you'll find the New Orleans headquarters as shown in the series. This also holds the squad room, the kitchen, and the courtyard.

    If you remember Dr. Wade and Sebastian Lund’s laboratory, it has also been set up in the same building where the headquarters were filmed. This same building has taken a huge part in the filming location of this police procedural TV show.

    In an effort to make St. Ann Street as close to how the 'Big City' or New Orleans is known to many people, the production team has set up a recognizably different setting. With the use of legitimate production materials such as the installment of multiple screens for a more convincing New Orleans headquarters, you'll be amazed at how the locations are different in the show itself and in real life.

    Aside from the headquarters location found along St. Ann Street, which is also situated in the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter, other filming locations of NCIS: New Orleans include Baronne Street and Mandeville, Louisiana.

    Meanwhile, NCIS: New Orleans, also known as the second NCIS spin-off, has become a hit. In fact, it has been renewed for its sixth season in 2019. In case you're wondering, the sixth season of NCIS: New Orleans is also considered as the seventeenth season of the NCIS TV show itself. And although CBS has not yet officially given a statement whether or not an eighteenth season is happening, many fans like us are still hoping. After all, NCIS: New Orleans’ last season has also been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. With its supposed to be 24 episodes, the final season has lasted for only 20 episodes due to the immediate production shut down in March, 2020.

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