Where to watch BNA: Brand New Animal anime online?

You're all aware of the saying 'Christmas came a little early this year,' right? Well, it looks like the same could be said about the new anime season that's coming up. In this age where Netflix is the king of streaming, new series sometimes pop up early. That's exactly what happens with BNA: Brand New Animal (2020). It's a world where the existence of 'animal-humans' came to light after being kept secret for centuries. The story revolves around Michiru who lived a normal life as a human. That is until one day, she transformed into a raccoon-like being. We know it sounds like a strange anime, but we guarantee that you'll love it! You can watch the first six episodes of BNA: Brand New Animal on Netflix today! Check the link down below and get ready for a brand new binge!

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    BNA: Brand New Animal is Studio Trigger's latest anime production. Directed by Yoshinari You, BNA takes place in a world where 'humans' and 'animal humans' co-exist. The series will be available on streaming platforms starting April 8, 2020. But for now, you can stream the first six episodes exclusively on Netflix.

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'Animals behaving like humans' is a trope that's more common than you think, not just in anime. You'd be surprised to know that there's a whole subculture dedicated to that called the 'furry fandom.' They're fans who have this obsession with anthropomorphic animal characters. But, obsession is an understatement 'cause they take it to the next level. 'Furry fandom' isn't just a subculture, it's also a community of people. They dress up as their favorite furry characters and gather at furry conventions. BNA is a perfect example of a series that a lot of 'furries' would like. It may come off as an obscure anime, but there are a lot of people who are into that sort of thing.

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