Which are the top Hulk vs. Wolverine fights?

If you're an avid fan of the Marvel comics, you've noticed how Hulk and Wolverine always end up in a battle at some point. What makes their fights pretty epic would be how different they use their strengths. Compared to when they go in combat with other heroes. If their paths haven't diverged in their cinematic universes, they come face-to-face in the comics. The first fight ever between the Hulk and Wolverine was through the last page of "Incredible Hulk" #180. In this comic, Wolverine challenges Hulk first then they fight each other until the end. What makes a Wolverine and Hulk fight so interesting in the first place? It has got to be the Marvel heroes' fascinating and unique character designs. Wolverine's claws are pretty lethal when faced with other opponents, but he can go all the way using them with the Hulk. Meanwhile, it's not an easy fight for Hulk because of Wolverine's regenerative ability. It seems like a never-ending fight that will have you on the edge of your seat as you witness it unfold. Both characters have to go all out in trying to defeat each other. The paths in which they come together vary in the comic book series. There are even times when Hulk has to battle Thor instead of Wolverine! With Thor being an obvious exception, you can't help but think Hulk and Wolverine are far stronger than their opponents. This is what makes their unlikely connection in the form of combat work so well. If you can't get enough of Wolverine versus Hulk, we got you covered with this list of their top fights of all time!

  1. 1The Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine


    One of the most brutal fights in Marvel Comics history unfolded between Wolverine and The Hulk in the miniseries Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk. The premise is that Nick Fury orders Wolverine to get rid of Bruce Banner. The Ultimate Hulk and Wolverine come face-to-face in the Himalayas where the former literally rips Wolverine's body into half. Despite that, Wolverine regenerates and gains an advantage towards The Hulk without having to fight him in close contact.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Gruesome fight in Old Man Logan


    In the comic Old Man Logan, the main villain of the series is no other than the Hulk and his Hulk Gang who he made with She-Hulk. Apparently, Logan owed the Hulk Gang a sum of money. When Logan went away for a mission with Hawkeye and came back, the Hulk Gang killed his family. Logan went berserk and to exact his revenge, battled the Hulk, where the latter ate him at some point in their raging fight.

  2. 3Savage Wolverine


    Savage Wolverine is set in a place called Savage Land where a machine with a chaotic monster is inside. In order to keep the place safe, no one should ever destroy the machine. But the thing is, the machine controls people to destroy it. Initially, it controlled Logan but he was able to resist. However, it was not the same for the Hulk. In order to prevent the Hulk from wreaking havoc to the machine, Wolverine dug his claws on Hulk's upper head.

  1. 4Incredible Hulk Rivals


    Incredible Hulk #340 marks one of the most compelling moments between The Hulk and Wolverine. On their first fight, it was an undisputed win for The Wolverine. However, when their paths crossed again, they had a long physical battle whilst throwing painful words at each other. The fight could've gone all day long if they weren't interrupted by Hulk's friends.

  2. 5Marvel Fanfare Fight


    Marvel Fanfare #2's main characters include the Marvel heroes Hulk and Wolverine once again head-to-head in a heated battle where Hulk begins to punch Wolverine into a car. The car's explosion drives Wolverine berserk and they absolutely go at it. What makes this whole debacle surprising is that Hulk was newly "savage" at the time but he was also the one who managed to calm Wolverine down.


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