Which are the worst anime fight scenes?

If there's one thing that a lot of action anime are known for, it's the spectacular combat scenes. Animators can let their imaginations run wild and bring us some amazing fights. As cool as it sounds, that isn't always the case. Some anime, no matter how good they are on paper, still have some pretty bad quality when it comes to fights. Take for example everyone's favorite 'Dragon Ball Z.' I bet you were surprised that it would be on this list, right? It just goes to show that even with a title as awesome as Dragon Ball, it has a few fights that we wish could've been done better. Regardless of its nonsensical nature, poor pacing or just awful animation, there's a few worth mentioning. Here's a list of the most atrocious fights in anime history. Take a look and see for yourself!

  1. 1Guy versus his clone


    This fight is a scene from Naruto: Shippuden where Guy battles himself in the form of a clone. You would think with his expertise in Taijutsu that this battle would involve a lot of intense, non-stop action. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case and we're left with a fight scene that could have been done ten times better.

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  1. 2BelialVamdemon's death


    One of the most anti-climactic final battles in anime history is BelialVamdemon's death. Digimon Adventure 02 was supposed to end on of of the most thrilling boss battles ever, but instead it chose the opposite. With just one shot, the greatest villain in the franchise was defeated just like that.

  2. 3Goku and Beerus


    Now, Goku versus and Beerus was supposed to be an epic clash between two unstoppable titans. Goku even unleashed the power of Super Saiyan three only to find himself severely overpowered by Beerus. But, the hype is not what you would expect and the fight is just kind of a letdown. 

  1. 4Maka versus Eternal Feather


    This show used to be a marvel of the supernatural action genre. Then how did this fight scene end up like this. As Maka and Sol partner up to defeat the seemingly hypnotized eternal feather, you could just feel the laziness in the animation come through. With nothing but their hands flailing around, could you even consider this a fight?

  2. 5Welkin and Alicia vs. Maximilian


    You would think that the anime adaptation of a highly successful RPG would have the same incredible fight scenes, right? Well, Valkyria Chronicles final battle against the main villain was quite disappointing. There was a lot of talking between Welkin and Alicia, while Maximilian kept firing laser blasts at them and missing every time. 


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