Who are the best actors and actresses in the Arrowverse?

I know, we’re all excited about Marvel cinematic universe’s Phase 4. At this time, many of us have invested too much of our emotions—and probably money—following these caped heroes as they fight off their foes. But did you know, somewhere in a TV channel lies another superhero universe as expansive as Marvel’s? That’s right! Tucked in the safe embrace of The CW network is DC’s TV adaptation, the Arrowverse. This universe includes the series Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Batwoman, and soon, Superman and Lois. Isn’t that a lot? Well, I told you it was expansive.

Being a huge universe spread across more than five TV series, it is to be expected that the Arrowverse will be full of good actors and actresses. What’s more, because all of these series are in The CW, crossovers happen frequently. One moment you’ll see The Flash or Barry Allen casually appearing in Arrow, chilling with the billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, then we’ve got Supergirl flying all around. In fact, Arrow lead star Stephen Amell said in an interview that he enjoyed working with The Flash star Grant Gustin so much. The reason being Gustin making him a better actor scene after scene. We do agree that Grant Gustin is definitely a stellar performer. Aside from him, there are more actors and actresses with undeniable skills giving life to the comic book characters we love. Want to know who they are? Then we won’t keep you waiting, go on and read our top picks for the best actors and actresses in the Arrowverse.

  1. 1Tom Cavanagh


    Who is the best actor or actress in the Arrowverse if not Tom Cavanagh? This uber-talented man put his acting chops as he played not one, not two, but five different characters in The Flash. He played Eobard Thawn pretending to be Harrison Wells, Harison Wells in Earth-1, Eobard Thawn in Harrison Wells body, Harrison Wells in Earth-2, and finally Eobard Thawn when Barry traveled back in time. Geez, my head is spinning after writing all of that.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Grant Gustin


    Probably the best among the lead casts, Grant Gustin’s portrayal of Barry Allen or The Flash earns him a spot on the best actors and actresses on the Arrowverse. Despite this being his first adult role, Gustin proved he has more talent to showcase as he gave life the Barry Allen’s intricacies. Even if his take on The Flash didn’t make it to the big screen, Grant Gustin remains a top fan favorite in the Arrowverse.

  2. 3Calista Flockhart


    Next on our list of the best actors and actresses in the Arrowverse is the multi-awarded actress Calista Flockhart. Flockhart brings life to Cat Grant, media mogul and Kara Danvers’ boss. With years of experience on her resume, the former Ally McBeal star effortlessly does her job on giving Kara a hard time as well as mentoring her.

  1. 4Melissa Benoist


    A popular fan-favorite, Melissa Benoist portrayal of Kara Danvers and Supergirl is to be lauded. Fans and critics love her nerdy but charming take as Kara, and also her brimming-with-confidence portrayal of Supergirl. Despite being a newcomer to the Arrowverse, she proved that her inexperience is not a setback.

  2. 5Jesse L. Martin


    Hailing from the glamorous broadway stage comes Jesse L. Martin playing Barry Allen’s adoptive father, Joe West. While his role in The Flash doesn’t include singing, this theater actor showed everyone that he’ll do fine without his golden voice. Martin’s acting skills have been praised by fans and critics, with Joe West being one of the most prominent parent figures in the whole Arrowverse.


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