Who are the best Azur Lane characters?

Let's settle things once and for all: Who is the best Azur Lane character? To tell you the truth, each one has her own unique set of stats and skills that make her distinct from the rest. Yet, there are those who stand out and make your gaming experience incredibly exciting! Check out our list if you wanna know who they are!

asked by Rainier Sulla - Binge.co Contributor
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    Prinz Eugen

    With her large amount of HP and pretty sturdy armor, Prinz Eugen proves that she's the epitome of an excellent tank. Add the fact that her Unbreakable Shield makes her literally indestructible, and you've got yourself all the defense you need to last long battles.

    • Claire ShiWritten on November 7, 2019
      "Prinz is really what you can call a GIRL BOSS. I love shoot em up games, but I love strong women characters even more."
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    We hate to tell you this, but Yukikaze is a hard find. Don't worry, though, because once you acquire her, you could expect some great offensive stats. She's probably one of the best Destroyers out there. Yup, we're talking about dealing great damage even on the strongest boss. You can also rely on her in keeping your backline alive.

    • Jose PattersonWritten on November 7, 2019
      "One of the best and rarest Azur Lane characters!!! Once you get this character, you already know youre a winner"
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    If you're looking for the best support during long scenarios, Unicorn is your greatest bet. Her Support Carrier heals the Escort Fleet for 8% of HP as soon as she launches an airstrike. She also aids them through her Reload Command: Vanguard, which increases their Reload speed. Trust us, you're gonna need her more after 4-5 battles.

    • Elizabeth LawsonWritten on November 7, 2019
      "Support characters are so often taken for granted. Unicorn is game's best support!!!"
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    Let us get straight to the point: When it comes to dealing damage, Belfast proves that she's a force to be reckoned with. With her Burn Order, she can easily generate massive HE damage and annihilate enemies in an instant. Plus, she has high health, which only increases her chances of surviving. Unfortunately, she's one of the rarest characters in the game.

    • Johnny StanleyWritten on November 7, 2019
      "Belfast is one of the most impressive tanks I've played so far. Good set of skills as well."
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    As the old adage says, looks can really be deceiving. And this seems perfectly apt for Z23. You may think she's just another cute character in the game. Well, yeah, sure. But honestly, she's also one of the strongest destroyers you could have. She could equip a Light Cruiser, which might give you a little advantage. Luckily, she's one of three options you have at the beginning of the game.

    • Jerry MartinezWritten on November 7, 2019
      "Not the best use of the Light Cruiser, but she's a damn good character!"
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    If you want to increase your Main Fleet's Air Power and Firepower whenever you launch an airstrike, your best chance at doing so is through Centaur's Airspace Dominance. Her Swordfishes, Attack! can be very powerful, too. It can deploy torpedoes that slow down enemies.   Indeed, Centaur is simply one insane damage dealer. No questions asked.

    • Jean HartWritten on November 7, 2019
      "You dont really need a Belfast as long as you have Centaur. LOL. This game really made my commutes fun. I really miss it. I'm probably gonna have to get back to this game soon."
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    Okay, Helena is a little soft. But don't sweat it, her high firepower well compensates for it. Her evasion stat also makes her safe in most battles, so you really have nothing to be apprehensive about. Lastly, her Radar Scan comes in handy when fighting mobs and bosses.

    • Larry BellWritten on November 7, 2019
      "The ultimate soft GF!!!"
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    Duke of York

    Many believe that Duke of York is the perfect mix of damage and support, and it's easy to see why. She has high offensive stats, massive amount of HP, Heavy armor, and a slowing ability - what could possibly take her down?

    • Carolyn MasonWritten on November 7, 2019
      "I always had trouble choosing between damage and support in other games. Duke of York is the perfect compromise!"


Best Who are the best Azur Lane characters
1Prinz EugenCharacters 17 Paid
2YukikazeCharacters 13 Paid
3UnicornCharacters 8 Paid
4BelfastCharacters 3 Paid
5Z23Characters 3 Paid
6CentaurCharacters 3 Paid
7HelenaCharacters 1 Paid
8Duke of YorkCharacters 1 Paid

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