Who are the best BoJack Horseman characters?

Netflix Original animated series BoJack Horseman is indeed a complicated show. But its complexity did not hinder the growth of the series' fanbase. That's why avid fans of the show were stunned after knowing the latest news about the show — Season six will be BoJack Horseman's series finale. It is the most recent inclusion in the long list of Netflix Originals pulled out from its current lineup. Designated Survivor, Santa Clarita Diet, The OA, and Tuca and Bertie are the other shows that got the ax. Almost everyone who got to watch BoJack Horseman online would agree that it has a great story. And like another Netflix animated series Rick and Morty, this one is an adult-oriented comedy and drama show. But what complements the plot is its characters and the stories that they offer to the table. But among all of them, who are the best characters in BoJack Horseman?

Good question. At first glance, one who's not a fan or a follower of BoJack Horseman would find its characters a little weird. Where else can you see a drunkard, depressed horse with human hands who is also capable of doing intimate activities with other species? A Labrador Retriever who has the joyful and friendly traits of a dog and, at the same time, is married to a human being? Well, it is all only on this web series. Do you think it is the titular character who's the best one? Or you have someone else in mind? You may use the list below as a reference. We ranked all the best BoJack Horseman characters based on their impact on the story and the show, as well as each of their character development. Who do you think is the best? Write it down in the comment section!

asked by Johannes Gelilang - Binge.co Contributor
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    BoJack Horseman

    Bojack Horseman is the titular and main character of the Netflix animated series. He was once a Hollywood actor who became famous for his role as The Horse from Horsin' Around, a 90s sitcom. Bojack has a pessimistic and self-destructive personality that often hurts the people around him. Aside from that, the troubled star is also attling with alcohol and drug addiction. But he seems to have made peace with his past now, thanks to rehab. But as the outcome of his actions slowly reveals themselves, it does not look like a smooth ride just yet.

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    Todd Chavez

    Todd Chavez is one of the main characters in the show who previously lived rent-free with Bojack. He is infamously known as a loafer and a lazy person but at the same time, can be creative and be a diligent worker when he finds something that interests him. Todd is also one of the few in the show that can be shown compassion towards others. Throughout the show, his character development includes coming out of the closet, writing his rock opera, and creating his own dating app.

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    Princess Carolyn

    Princess Carolyn is a hardworking Persian cat was Bojack Horseman's previous girlfriend and agent who's been helping his career for years. She has dedicated and sacrificed much for her career, that she compromised her own life many times in the show. Later on, in the show, she became a mother to Ruthie despite her fertility problems. It became a challenge for her success-driven mentality, balancing work and motherhood all at the same time.

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    Diane Nguyen

    Diane Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American writer who was BoJack's ghostwriter for his memoir. "One Trick Pony." A third-wave feminist from Boston, she is seen to have problems with her mental health throughout the story. Although she and BoJack have an unstable relationship, they are both connected by their own demons and understand even the deepest parts of each other.

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    Sarah Lynn

    Sarah Lynn was a brash, straightforward, and troubled former teen idol who passed away due to heroin overdose. She was the child actress and BoJack's co-star in the 90s sitcom Horsin' Around who played the role of Sabrina, the Horses' youngest adoptive daughter. Sarah looked up to BoJack as a father figure, an idea that also ultimately led to her untimely passing. This tragedy still haunts BoJack, putting the blame on himself for being part of her co-star's loss.

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