Who are the best characters from Psycho-Pass?

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Are you into cyberpunk anime shows? If you are, then you've probably heard of Psycho-Pass. But in case you have no idea what it is, Psycho-Pass is a Japanese anime TV series that is set in a futuristic Japan governed by the Sibyl System. The Sibyl System uses the Psycho-Pass to determine the likelihood that a person would have latent criminal tendencies and prevent it from manifesting. When this anime show was released, it received critical acclaim, and it was praised as one of the most iconic thriller anime ever. This is because of its portrayal of a dystopian society and how it handled its main characters. All of this makes for a compelling cyberpunk mystery that is a lot of fun to watch. As mysterious and interesting as the Sybil System is, the focus of the show really is on its ensemble cast. So, we thought this would be a good opportunity to look at some of the best characters from Psycho-Pass.

  1. 1Shinya Kogami


    Much like Ginoza, Shinya Kogami was also a former inspector that strayed too far from the Sybil System's acceptable bounds and was demoted to an enforcer. That doesn't take away the fact that he is still a great detective that can quickly assess and deal with various situations accordingly. The only difference now is that he is not held back by the moral restrictions compared to when he was an inspector.

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  1. 2Shogo Makishima


    Shogo Makishima is the show's main antagonist who also appears as both charismatic and brutal. He is a criminally asymptomatic person which basically means that he is free of the Sybil System's judgment. He believes that the system is stripping people of their will and independent thought which is why he aims to free them from it by any and all means necessary. He is cold, calculating, and vicious in his methods. He also has an uncanny ability to bend people to do his bidding.

  2. 3Akane Tsunemori


    Akane Tsunemori is Division 1's new rookie inspector, and she brings a certain sense of objectivity to the team. At the same time, being the new kid on the block, she can also be unapologetically naive and timid when it comes to certain things. She is the one that keeps Kogami in check and prevents him from crossing "that line". We see her come into her own as a person and as an inspector as the show goes along.

  1. 4Nobuchika Ginoza


    Nobuchika Ginoza is an enforcer working for Division 1. He was demoted from the rank of an inspector. This was after his Psycho-Pass showed him to be a threat as determined by the Sibyl System after witnessing the death of his father, Tomomi Masaoka. Having been on both sides of the fence, he is uniquely positioned to be part of Division 1's enforcers as well as being the group's leader of sorts.

  2. 5Tomomi Masaoka


    Just like Ginoza, Tomomi Masaoka also works as an enforcer for Division 1 of the Criminal Investigation Department. He is the one with brown hair, brown eyes and appears to have a broad and sturdily built body. When it comes to his personality, he is known to remain calm even in stressful situations. Tomomi Masaoka is also the father of Nobuchika Ginoza. In many parts of the series, he also serves as a father figure to the members of the team he works with, including to Akane Tsunemori. The best thing about his personality is that he is very helpful whenever someone is in need.

  3. 6Shusei Kagari


    Aside from eating his favorite sweets and playing video games, Shusei Kagari also loves to make people laugh. In fact, on a daily basis, he teases people that is why he is best known as the jokester of the team. He is Division 1's young enforcer, and although he is known to be one of the nicest among other team members, he still can't stop showing his hatred to Sibyl System for locking him away in the past. 

  4. 7Shion Karanomori


    Being considered as one of the best characters from Psycho-Pass, Shion Karanomori is known for being sympathetic. She also has a playful personality, and just like Shusei Kagari, she also loves teasing other people. Shion works as a lab technician in the Public Safety Bureau. Although she feels like she's overworked at her job, she still takes her job seriously. In the series, you'll find Shion as an attractive woman for having brown eyes, pale skin, and quite long wavy blonde hair. Shion is known to be bisexual, and she also flirts with Shinya Kogami.

  5. 8Kirito Kamui


    Kirito Kamui is the main antagonist of the show's second season. Just like Shogo Makishima, he is a person that can operate outside the reach of the Sybil System. He is completely undetectable from scanners and dominators, allowing him to do as he pleases. This is because his body is a chimera of sorts that is made from the body parts of 184 different people. He aids and abets various criminals with his ability to clear their Hues, and this makes him dangerous. His skills are much coveted in his world.

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Did you know that Psycho-Pass is actually banned in China? In June 2015, the Chinese Ministry of Culture prohibited anime fans in China from having a digital or printed copy of some manga and anime titles. According to the reports, more than 30 anime and manga titles have been banned in order to protect the minors from seeing explicit content such as violence, terrorism, and crimes. In addition to Psycho-Pass, other popular Japanese shows currently banned in China include Attack on Titan, Parasyte, and Highschool of the Dead.

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