Who are the best comic book assassins that could take on John Wick?

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Try to imagine yourself being a trained assassin who is part of the Underworld. In such instance, would you even dare taking on John Wick for any amount of money? Or better yet, can you even name a killer who is flashier, more skillful and more ruthless than him? Needless to say, John Wick is just that iconic. With Keanu Reeves' character possessing great moves, weapons, and even all the cinema-ready fight choreography, it's hard not to fear for your life upon seeing him. But what if some of the most dangerous assassins from the world of comic books suddenly barged in The Continent? Well, we bet you wouldn't have imagined that as possible. But, for fans of Marvel or DC comics, why don't we get a little hypothetical? Scroll down and take your pick on some of the best comic book assassins that could possibly beat John Wick. We ain't sure if these characters would be able to take the revengeful hitman down, but we've got a feeling that they'll somehow inflict damage on him one way or another.

  1. 1Deathstroke


    Well, you've got to give it to this guy for being so hilarious every time. But seriously, Deathstroke is probably the best all-around and most dangerous assassin that the whole DC universe has produced. You can't really predict this anti-hero either as he swears to either capture or kill any superhero or superhero team if the price is right. If you're unsure, you can go ask the Teen Titans. And as deadly of an assassin John Wick is, he's still human after all and pitting him against one of comics' best killers will not favor the bearded icon in any way. Deathstroke's heightened reflexes will overpower John Wick in any way possible. And wait, don't forget his regenerative healing ability too!  

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Bullseye


    If Bullseye wasn't an assassin, he might be able to double as an athlete with how strong his motor and stamina is. This is what makes this Marvel assassin so dangerous. Aside from that, you can give him a gun or you can give him no weapon at all and you can still expect him to hit his opponent at long range. There's a reason why he was able to kill another great assassin in Elektra. To put it simply, Bullseye is a total master at throwing weapons and using conventional firearms. Imagine John Wick trying to outmaneuver this guy. He'll probably get hit by a knife from a hundred feet away without even him seeing the weapon coming.  

  2. 3Deadshot


    Here comes one assassin who's been doing damage way before all your favorites learned how to kill. Deadshot is the legitimate OG killer as he's been making his mark since he was introduced in 1950 by way of Batman comics. If there's anyone who can be DC's representative long-range hitter, you'd bet it would be him. Deadshot hasn't been able to showcase his elite targeting skills in the Suicide Squad film that is why we feel like the comic book version of him needs to be seen by fans more. If he did damage to Batman, imagine how this guy can harm John Wick. His sniper skills will just be too much for anyone who thrives in close combat.  

  1. 4Black Widow


    Way before you've known Black Widow from The Avengers, she's already been a deadly undercover operative. There isn't a lot of words needed to explain why she has been able to survive for so long. After countless battles with monsters, super villains, and even heroes at one point, she's proven that her overall fighting skills are at par with the best in all of the Marvel universe. She's had the knack for hunting heroes so we think she won't mind showing her dark side at all. A long hand-to-hand combat with John Wick would be such a thrill to watch for fans. However, we doubt that Mr. Wick's abilities would muster up to all the deadly tactics that Ms. Romanova have acquired throughout her career as an assassin.  

  2. 5Ra’s al Ghul


    Ra's al Ghul is an evil assassin and he knows his purpose in life. Well, he hasn't been dead in centuries so we really can't say that! But with the League of Assassins at his disposal, he can manipulate things to achieve his own personal ends. You might not see him to be as ruthless and as dangerous as other assassins who hailed from the comics but he is indeed one to fear. Imagine him taking his abilities into The Continent while hunting for Mr. Wick. Though we can't really tell if his ability to enhance his strength and stamina will do the trick, we're pretty sure that a face-off between this eco-terrorist and John Wick would be bloody and brutal.


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