Who are the best DC comics characters who should appear in the Birds of Prey sequel?

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Who won't say yes to a Birds of Prey sequel? Probably, not a lot of people, right? No matter how chemically imbalanced Harley Quinn's mind is, the DC Universe needs to continue bringing balance to the movies by way of a new flick after all its scheduled releases. With Margot Robbie herself confirming her willingness to continue Harley's adventures and mishaps, it seems like part two is inevitable. The only remaining question is, who are the DC characters who deserve a slot in the potential sequel? Birds of Prey has been a box-office hit and a visual feast for fans, even with not-so popular comic book sidekicks lingering the plot's premises. The next film could be where DC makes a splash by digging deep into the roster of their top comic book characters. So, who could be the next ones to confront or fight alongside the Birds of Prey? Scroll down and check some potential choices below. 

  1. 1Catwoman


    If you're bringing an interesting DC female icon to the Birds of Prey sequel, there's no better choice than Selina Kyle. And by interesting, we mean it in the best way possible. Other than her feline-like costume and cat-like capabilities, there's more to this lady than her skirmishes with Batman. With Catwoman's somehow-split personality, could you even guess if she chooses to be heroic or villainous at any given time in the sequel? If this master thief opts to be evil, she'd be the perfect arch nemesis to Harley's team. If she teams up with them, though, as she did in 'Gotham City Sirens', we might witness DC's greatest femme fatale roster that ever existed. Either way, it's a win-win for DC fans!  

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  1. 2Poison Ivy


    Well, Poison Ivy might as well be included in the sequel by way of default simply because Margot Robbie herself favors seeing the poisonous villain in the film. But seriously, she has already been involved with Harley Quinn as seen in 'Gotham City Sirens'. And if you're going to include Catwoman in part two, you might as well include Poison Ivy. Though she might not be able to get along with other Birds of Prey team members, her authentic concern for Harley is enough for DC to consider her appearing in the film. So, if The Joker chooses to reappear, you'd be sure Poison Ivy will be there to make Harley think straight. 

  2. 3Batgirl


    As much as DC fans love Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, it might be time to mix things up a bit. The Birds of Prey sequel could be the perfect platform to see the team's resident young thug, Cassandra Cain, get into her beloved comic book alter ego. As authentic and as lovely Harley's relationship is with Cassandra, won't it be interesting to see if a certain conflict arises once the fourth Batgirl makes her appearance? Honestly, her depiction in the first film can be almost seen as injustice as it failed to show her full abilities. As the daughter of David Cain and Lady Shiva, Cassandra deserves a bigger role, even if that means squaring off against Harley Quinn.  

  1. 4Batman


    Yes, we know that this could be a far cry. But isn't it weird watching the streets of Gotham City without The Dark Knight making his presence felt? Throughout the intense moments of the Birds of Prey film, fans have been wondering where Bruce Wayne might be. Whether he would appear as a complete adversary to Harley Quinn or not isn't important. Just a glimpse of the caped crusader would make fans excited and fulfilled. With Matt Reeves' 'The Batman' film indicating no connection at all with the DC Universe titles, the idea of this scenario happening appears to be less and less likely. But after all, who doesn't want a Robert Pattinson-Margot Robbie movie encounter? 

  2. 5Deadshot


    As it becomes clearer that Will Smith won't reprise his role as Deadshot in 2021's new Suicide Squad, a number of DC fans aren't approving at all. In fact, the assassin-for-hire's performance is seen as one of the lone bright spots found in the 2016 supervillain flick. So, where could Deadshot potentially fire his long-range shots next? Yes, the Birds of Prey sequel will provide that for him if DC chooses to bring back the masked sniper for whatever purpose. Well, considering that Harley Quinn and Deadshot were two of the most-exciting members of the Suicide Squad, a reunion could be proof that they should have been a duo to save the film instead. 


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