Who are the best Demon Slayer Characters?

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Being a good manga series is one thing. Being able to contend with the very best is another matter entirely, and in the world of manga, it's Eiichiro Oda's masterpiece, One Piece, that stands at the top. Yet, this is exactly what Demon Slayer was able to do. The up and coming manga series beat out One Piece to become the best-selling manga of 2019. That's quite a feat considering it only started back in 2016. When its anime adaptation landed, it was an epic experience for fans and newcomers alike, and we have no doubt it played a huge part in boosting the sales and popularity of the manga. It has a touching story and kickass action but more interestingly, is its cast of funny and charming characters. We thought it would be cool to discuss some of the best Demon Slayer characters from the anime so far. Check it out below and whether you're new to the series or have been a long-time fan, join us and tell us who your favorite is in the comments section.

  1. 1Giyu Tomioka


    Giyu Tomioka is one of the best characters in Demon Slayer not only because of his amazing strength and skill with the sword but also because of the important role he played in Tanjiro's growth and development. He was the very first Demon Slayer that Tanjiro ever met. You could even go so far as to say Tomioka was instrumental in Tanjiro's decision to become a Demon Slayer in the first place. Both he and Tanjiro studied under the same master and use the same Breath of Water Style sword technique although Tomioka is already at master-level proficiency. Tomioka is a man of few words and would often avoid social interactions but even his fellow Demon Slaying Corps. Pillars admit that he is one of the strongest of them all.

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  1. 2Tanjiro Kamado


    Let's now focus our attention on the main protagonist of the series. We're talking about none other than Tanjiro Kamado himself. Is he the strongest character in the show? No. At least, not as he is right now, anyway. As the series progresses though, we see that he is quite the quick study and his rate of growth is really impressive. What really makes Tanjiro the star of the show is not really so much about his strength. It has more to do with who is as a person. He has faced a lot of hardships and tragedies in life, yet somehow manages to stay optimistic in even the direst of situations. He even shows empathy for his enemies at times. Put simply, Tanjiro Kamado is a bleeding heart and that makes him special on this show.

  2. 3Zenitsu Agatsuma


    Okay. Let's address the elephant in the room first. You may be wondering how Zenitsu Agatsuma made it on this list. We can't blame you given how panicked and how anxious this guy tends to be all the time. Let us tell you guys. Zenitsu is actually really powerful... when he's not awake, that is. Basically, when Zenitsu reaches a point where he just can't handle everything anymore, he passes out. After this, his body starts to fight on instinct. As the user of the Breath of Thunder Style, he is capable of some really amazing feats of speed and power. The catch? Being the lazy wimp that he is, he was only able to master one technique but you'd be surprised how far this one lonely technique takes him.

  1. 4Kyojuro Rengoku


    Even among the Demon Slaying Corps.' ranks of unique and eccentric pillars, Kyojuro Rengoku truly stands as an oddity. When Tanjiro and the gang first meet the pillars of the Demon Slaying Corps., Rengoku was one of the first few that immediately stood out. He is weirdly cheerful and based on the way he spoke, is a person with a strong sense of morals and justice. He is the user of the Breath of Flames Style which as the name suggests is used to burn his enemies in a sea of flames. In fact, when Tanjiro came to learn the Dance of the Fire God style, Rengoku even agreed to take him under his wing and train him in the ways of the flame.

  2. 5Inosuke Hashibira


    Next up on this list is the boar-head wearing freak of nature that is Inosuke Hashibira. This war freak seems like he is always itching for a fight with someone over the pettiest of things. He is also the only person on this list that is not directly part of the Demon Slaying Corps. pillars. That said, you should not count him out just yet. Having been born and raised in the wild, Inosuke has a really acute sense of touch and inhuman reflexes. He even created his own style called Breath of the Beast that is a wild and ravenous way of fighting. Add to this, his incredibly competitive nature, and you have a warrior full of potential and promise.

  3. 6Muichiro Tokito


    When we first get introduced to Muichiro Tokito, he seemed like an air-head who would often get lost in his own thoughts. In actuality though, he's a very dedicated Demon Slayer and is one of the most powerful among the Demon Slaying Corps. pillars. He is the user of the Breath of Mist Style, which is actually a new style that he created himself upon mastering the Breath of Wind Style. Talk about genius. We've seen him utilize all of his Mist techniques throughout the manga to deadly effect. He even managed to unlock a Demon Slayer Mark that enabled him to gain strength to defeat an Upper Moon demon like it was nothing. Muichiro Tokito is a perfect example of why you should not judge a book by its cover.

  4. 7Shinobu Kocho


    The pillars of the Demon Slaying Corps. pride themselves in their strength and abilities to vanquish demons. They represent the very best and strongest that the world has in its war against demons. In this regard, Shinobu Kocho is different from the rest. She is a slender lady with a relatively weak build. In fact, it is said that she is unable to behead a demon due to her lack of physical strength. That's why the Breath of the Insect Style seems like the perfect style for her. Instead of relying on brute force, this style utilizes poison made from wisteria flower, which is deadly to demons. This poison, in combination with her stinger-like sword, makes for an efficient way of bringing down demons. It's an elegant way of fighting befitting her personality and charm.

  5. 8Gyomei Himejima


    If you're talking about the strongest Demon Slayer character, then we have to give that title to Gyomei Himejima. He even uses a weapon that is befitting a warrior of his immense power. Instead of the typical Nichirin Blades that Demon Slayers use, he uses a mean-looking hand-ax that is connected to a spiked flail by the hilt through a long chain. Gyomei uses the Breath of the Stone Style, which combined with his natural physical abilities, makes for a powerful and destructive show of force. His strength is so undeniable that even his enemies acknowledge it, with one Upper Moon demon going so far as to say that he has not faced a warrior of Gyomei's caliber in over 300 years. Do you know what the real kicker is here? Gyomei Himejima is blind!

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The final chapter of the Demon Slayer manga was released in May 2020, with 205 chapters in total. This might seem like sad news for some but it means we'll be able to read or re-read the hit manga series in its entirety. Here's to hoping for a sequel to the equally impressive Demon Slayer anime.

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