Who are the best Dorohedoro characters ?


To be honest, Dorohedoro characters are bizarre. But hey, admit it, the range of characters this dark fantasy slash action anime is what makes it extremely interesting! Considered to be one of the newest anime television series, it has had its run from January 12, 2020 to March 29, 2020, with more than 12 episodes. This Q Hayashida masterpiece is proof that its intelligent characters (and by that intelligent, we mean it in ALL aspects) are equally created! So, while waiting for the second season of Dorohedoro, make yourself at home with our list of the top Doroherodo characters!

  1. 1Nikaido


    Nikaido isn't just one of the best Dorohedoro characters in terms of being a Magic User. She's also a great cook! And they say NIKAIDO'S GYOZAS ARE TO DIE FOR! Anyway, if you have been following her since the beginning, you may have witnessed how her wardrobe has drastically changed from sporting a dark baggy pair of pants to monochromatic green and leather gloves to a jumpsuit, and more. In terms of her history, she was born in the Magic-User Realm but grew up to be an orphan. Nevertheless, she had a happy life with her foster parents. Did you know that with the help of her siblings Yakumo and Kawaijiri, she mastered the art of combat at an early age? The character development of Nikaido throughout Dorohedoro is just interesting!

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  1. 2Kaiman


    Kaiman, the adorable Magician Killer with his iconic lizard head, is one of the most popular and the best, if not the best, Dorohedoro characters. Why? Well, he's immune to magic! Describing his personality, he is somehow arrogant and lazy. But beneath his physical appearance and false bravado, he is genuinely kind. And he deeply cares for his BFF, Nikaido. Well, he has pretty much simple wishes--to get his normal head back, feast on Nikaido's best gyoza, and more money! Interestingly, even though he is amnesiac, he still does his previous work--deliberately killing Magic Users

  2. 3En


    Yet, another Magic User who secured a spot in our list of the best Dorohedoro characters is En. He isn't your typical Magic User, he is an elite one, and that means he is looked upon by many as one of the strongest Magic Users! He also serves as the head of the En Family. Although people regard him as a big narcissist, his character development has shown that he's got concern for his family members. But beware. he is not someone to mess up with since he's a go-getter! He'll fight his way through to get his desires! About his abilities, he's got an interesting mushroom transformation ability. He emits smokes that turns whatever it comes contact with into mushrooms! This lets him kill his enemies easily. Key powers: Mushroom Armor, Mushroom Device, and Mushroom Voodoo Doll!

  1. 4Noi


    Noi is one confident woman and is one of the most beloved Dorohedoro characters of all time. Her carefree personality is a perfect match for her magic ability, which is to heal. Her healing power is commonly used to heal Ebisu or those who En turns into mushrooms. You may recognize her with her zip-up tracksuit, gloves, and sneakers, which are all reflective of her carefree and bold personality. She is a perfect candidate for a woman who does not conform with the set social standards. She cares less about what others think of her. And apparently, she can't walk in high heels!

  2. 5Fujita


    At this point, you might be wondering why Fujita made it to the roster of the best Dorohedoro characters. Well, this list wasn't created based on any criteria. Fujita might have low self-esteem because he is branded to be weak in terms of his magical skills, but his courage to do better and to be better every single day is inspiring. Despite all, he still looks up to other members of the En Family. See the amount of respect he has for people around him? He is truly an inspiration. He seeks validation from En but little he did he know that the true validation he needs must come from within.


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