Who are the best female Sci-Fi characters?

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Science fiction is one genre to die for! Well, there are plenty of reasons out there for you to get hooked on Sci-Fi and its plethora of movies and TV shows. One of those is that it has no shortage of female protagonists and characters, all unafraid, bold, and daring. Whether it be a battle against against aliens, cyborgs, or evil male species, these female science fiction gals ain't out there to back down. We're pretty sure you know a lot of them but let's do a quick recap, shall we? Dive into our list as we guide you to the genre's finest with the best female Sci-Fi characters who will leave you in awe.

  1. 1Ellen Ripley


    Either Ridley Scott is a genius or it's just a coincidence. But can't we all agree that 'Alien' won't be as big as it is without their kickass female protagonist? Ellen Ripley remains the perfect poster girl for female sci-fi characters even a few decades after the genre's heyday. Well, Sigourney Weaver showed that her portrayal of a genre's prime heroine is something to be reckoned with. We bet you've also wondered how Xenomorphs are able to show their wrath with such an incredibly beautiful alien slayer in front of them, right?

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  1. 2Leia Organa


    Well, can you even talk about science fiction's best girls without mentioning the iconic Princess Leia? As huge as Star Wars is, the franchise created a much bigger female star through Carrie Fisher's portrayal of this galaxy princess. Princess Leia has always been full of angst from the moment she was introduced to fans via Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. It's also probably safe to say that a lot of your new favorite Sci-Fi damsels must have been created in the mold of her strength, bravery and all-out female energy.

  2. 3Trinity


    Trinity is one female Sci-Fi character that was a long time coming! If there's one female who can totally outshine the male protagonist in a Sci-Fi film, it has got to be Trinity! Well, she's just as badass as any other female movie heroine out there! Whether Carrie-Anne Moss' portrayal focused on the character's amazing battle skill set or more on the love interest angle, she actually did both very convincingly. And mind you, if it wasn't for her death, could we even have seen Neo ascend into full heroism?

  1. 4Sarah Connor


    Sarah Connor is a legendary Sci-Fi character that shows true girl power. When we first saw her in the first Terminator movie, she was just a simple diner waitress. A few years later, she has transformed into one of the most badass women in the entirety of cinema. A lot of it has to do with Linda Hamilton's portrayal throughout the franchise's theatrical run, as well as some brilliant writing. Well, if you haven't seen it yet, Sarah Connor does tons of prison-yard pull-ups and she has also prepared her son to save the human race from robots. Aren't you impressed yet?

  2. 5Barbarella


    New age science fiction geeks might have not seen her in action. However, Barbarella was one heck of a film icon in the late '60s which you should know about. Portrayed by the beautiful Jane Fonda, Barbarella represented an ideal woman of the future during a time when women's rights discussions were at its peak. And well, she did embody the female species through her sexy body, unique personality and space heroics. To top it all of, she did beat her nemesis, Durand-Durand, using sexual powers. Now, that's one hell of a way for a heroine to be on top!

  3. 6Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace


    Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace from Battlestar Galactica just might be one of the most kickass women you'll see in a Sci-Fi movie. And would you believe that her character was originally written for a male actor? Well,  thanks to a reboot, we all came to see Katee Sackhoff play the role, saving the hopes of all Sci-Fi fans. She may be too tough and arrogant but honestly, have you ever seen a female Viper pilot out of all the Sci-Fi titles you've watched? Yes, Kara Thrace is just that amazing!

  4. 7Inara Serra


    Well, Inara Serra from the hit Sci-Fi series 'Firefly' doesn't really wield guns unlike her other counterparts from the genre. But, her beauty, coupled with her badass nature makes her one distinct and amazing female Sci-Fi character. She doesn't take a crap out of anyone, not even from the series' protagonist, Captain Mal. Inara just showed every science fiction fan that it's not always about being the 'girl with a gun'. Sometimes, all it takes is some charm and you're set to be a genre's icon. If you've got a chance to watch Firefly reruns, we suggest that you do because we're pretty sure you'll love her too!


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