Who are the best gunslingers in anime?

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Not all superheroes wear cape. Some wear tattered ripped jeans to keep them in shape. Not all gunslingers are bad guys. In fact, some of them are good when you look at them in the eyes. And even if the concept of gunslinger sounds more familiar in the parlance of western media, Japan was able to incorporate guns and bombs in a lot of iconic anime. So, whatever pistol or sniper it is that they wield, these best anime gunslingers will surely shoot you right in your heart and capture your attention!

  1. 1Spike Spiegel


    Being a bounty hunter himself, Spike Spiegal is dubbed to be one of the best anime gunslingers, if not the best. You may often see him with a cigarette between his lips, sporting a brown trench coat. His appearance pretty much depicts his personality, nonchalant, slothful, and generally lazy. But mind you, his sense of sight is top-notch, which makes him aim at anybody with precision. He is not the one you want to mess up with on card games! Did you know that he is also a pilot? Yep! If he isn't the best gunslinger in anime, we don't know who is!

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  1. 2Vash the Stampede


    Meet Vash, the star and the main protagonist of the series Trigun. His ability to wield a nickel revolver makes people brand him one of the best anime gunslingers. Yet, what makes him more adorable is that he is a certified believer of love and peace. And he got that from his adoptive mother. Living the life of a free-spirited man, Vash exudes a seemingly foolish personality to deceive his enemies and to protect his identity. His extreme agility manifested when he was able to dodge bullets and several melee attacks!

  2. 3Revy


    Apart from earning a spot in our list of the best anime gunslingers, Revy is also probably one of the hottest anime characters of all time! If you don't know her enough, you might find her sarcastic, and she really is sarcastic! She is too competitive, so much so that she will inflict force whenever necessary to get what she wants. She doesn't watch her foul language, though. Nonetheless, she can single-handedly take down an entire platoon using a pair of Beretta 82F's while keeping her bangs still on point at the end of the battle. She is the protector of the team!

  1. 4Alucard


    We'll be straightforward with Alucard. Folks, he is the most powerful weapon of the Hellsing Organization. And if that alone, doesn't make him one of the best anime gunslingers, we don't really know what does! And when he fights, he makes sure he'll give you a taste of hell. He wouldn't even shoot to kill you instantly. He would prolong your agony. Yet, he still sheds tears, which makes him partly human. His superhuman abilities are rooted in his nature as a true vampire. He is insanely fast that our human eyes can only catch so much.

  2. 5Death the Kid


    Commonly referred to as Kid, he was created from a piece of Death, and therefore, he's a son of Death himself. Although his name suggests a youthful and playful personality, he is far from being an immature boy. He actually has an uptight personality. His moral compass is so strong that his sense of order is also on point. Beneath his humble self is a dark side that is just waiting to be triggered. Most importantly, he is a skilled gun-type meister. Be careful because he can attack you both from a distance and in close range. His marksmanship is just totally making him one of the best anime gunslingers of all time.


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