Who are the best Haikyuu!! characters?

Sports have become an integral part of our formative years and one of the best ways to stay active, develop some athleticism, and of course, make new friends along the way. There is no shortage of really amazing sports manga and anime out there but if you happen to be a big fan of volleyball, then you should definitely check out this cool show called, Haikyuu!! It tells the story of a young middle school student name, Hinata Shouyou that develops a sudden fascination and love for the sport of volleyball after seeing a national championship match on TV. Being short in stature himself, he idolized the national team's star player nicknamed, "the small giant". Hinata decides to join his school's pretty much non-existent volleyball club and managed to round up enough players to join an actual competition by his final years of middle school. Unfortunately for them, they went up against the tournament favorite team and their star player, Kageyama Tobio called "the king of the court" during the first round and expectedly loses without much of a fight.

After suffering a crushing defeat, Hinata vowed to become better and one surpass and defeat Kageyama someday. He begins high school at Karasuno High, the very same school team that he saw play during the national tournament those years ago. Full of enthusiasm and untapped potential, Hinata Shouyou once again jump-starts his journey in the sports that he loves so much, only to experience an ill-fated encounter with the person he swore to surpass, to defeat, Kageyama Tobio himself that also enrolled at Karasuno High... 

Now, go ahead and watch the show already and get to see Hinata and Kageyama, with the rest of the Karasuno High, go up against some of the best Haikyuu!! characters on the show. Witness how they manage to turn their rivalry into something that they've to turn into a powerful weapon against formidable teams. Once you're done, hit us up in the comments and pitch in on who you think is the best one of them all.

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    Kageyama Tobio

    Kageyama Tobio is the tall and brooding setter of Karasuno High. His athleticism and genius is well-recognized and praised by players and coaches but has the unfortunate nickname of "king of the court" due to his autocratic nature on the court. This soon changes as he enters Karasuno High and meets Hinata and his fellow teammates.

    • Amy FengWritten on October 18, 2019
      "One of the best haikyuu characters in my opinion, even more so than Hinata. He might seem like all broody and whatnot all the time but deep down he just loves the sport of volleyball so much and is just a big softie."
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    Hinata Shouyou

    Hinata Shouyou is the main protagonist of the Haikyuu!! anime series. He fell in love with volleyball after seeing Karasuno High's star player nicknamed, "the small giant" play during the national tournament and being able to spike over tall blockers despite his small stature. Hinata, being of equally small stature, enrolls in Karasuno High and dreams of becoming the next "small giant".

    • Alice WeberWritten on October 18, 2019
      "He is my best haikyuu character out of all of them. He is just so lovable and his passion and love for the sport are equally as great at Kageyama and they make for such a great and dynamic duo."
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    Nishinoya Yuu

    Nishinoya Yuu is the temperamental and energetic libero of Karasuno High. Much like Hinata, he too is of small stature but has a muscular build and is known for his wild hairstyle as well as his wild and loud fashion sense. He is regarded by his teammates as "Karasuno's Guardian Deity" due to his unparalleled defense and the ability to save the ball in almost impossible situations.

    • Anthony SnyderWritten on October 18, 2019
      "Where would a show be without its resident clown and all-round source of comic relief? It's that reason why I think Nishinoya is the best Haikyuu character of the bunch. It doesn't hurt that he is such an amazing and nimble receiver."
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    Oikawa Touru

    Oikawa Touru is the captain of the Aobajohsai High volleyball team and is regarded as the team's star setter. His jump-serve is well-renowned not only for its power but also for its pinpoint accuracy. He is also incredibly perceptive with his surroundings, which contributes to his talent as a setter.

    • Kelly WilsonWritten on October 18, 2019
      "He is arrogant, immature, and petty but out of all Haikyuu characters, he's one that you love to hate. Despite all his shortcomings as a person, you see his immense drive to win but still be able to put his team first before himself."
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    Sugawara Koushi

    Sugawara Koushi is the vice-captain of the Karasuno High volleyball team. Sugawara is characterized as having and calm and gentle personality and is a great source of support for his teammates. Although not having any particularly special skills, he is a balanced player overall and has helped the team come up with various strategies and attacks against formidable teams.

    • Hannah PearsonWritten on October 18, 2019
      "The best haikyuu character hands down. He may not be all the great of a player but he is a great source of wisdom, support and is just an angel overall."
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    Tsukishima Kei

    Tsukishima Kei serves as the middle blocker and is the tallest member of the Karasuno High volleyball team. He has this quite but antagonistic personality that always manages to rile up his teammates and others. Together with his generally smug look and attitude, he tends to rub people the wrong way. As a player though, he is quite observant, which tends to benefit the team a lot as a result.

    • Wendy YinWritten on October 18, 2019
      "I see some similarities between Tsukishima and Kagayama in some way but while he is more overbearing and in your face, Tsukishima is more sly and antagonistic. He is also very observant, which helps that team in his own meticulous way."
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    Tanaka Ryuunosuke

    Tanaka Ryuunosuke is the loud and expressive wing spiker of the Karasuno High volleyball team with a penchant for picking fights at the drop of a hat. His most notable skills are his jump-serves and cross-spikes but most of all, he has a very strong mental fortitude that allows him to push past long games and maintain a high level of performance.

    • Will GuWritten on October 18, 2019
      "Definitely the most expressive and vocal out of all the boys in Karasuno. Put him together with Nishinoya and they become this comical duo lightening up the more for the team as needed."
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    Sawamura Daichi

    Sawamura Daichi is the captain and wing-spiker of the Karasuno High volleyball team. As is expected of his role in the team, he is a responsible and caring man that does his best to understand and accommodate his teammates. His strength lies in his solid defensive abilities and together with Nishinoya, make up the team's defense.

    • Nathan PriceWritten on October 18, 2019
      "There is nothing particularly special about the captain but he does things well, very balanced, and serves as great support and glue that keeps everyone together in times of crisis."

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