Who are the best How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord characters?

We know you loved the first season of How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord and we loved it too! Not just for the compelling story but also because of the awesome characters that this fantasy anime has. The series has a ton of awesome characters and a lot of great fanservice moments to go along with it. Through the years, both the novel series and the manga series became very popular. It wasn't long until the Japanese anime studio 'Aija-do' Animation Works turned it into an anime television series. Ever since the first season premiered on July 5th, 2018, it became a huge hit among fans. Naturally, a lot of people started asking when will the second season come about? Well, it looks like season two is closer than we think. Here's our chance to look back at the best How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord characters before the new season arrives!

  1. 1Takuma Sakamoto (Diablo)


    You probably know Takuma Sakamoto as the infamous Diablo, but he's not necessarily who you would expect. Still, he's the main protagonist of the series and for good reason. On Earth, Takuma looks like any normal Japanese adult man. He wears a collar-stretched T-shirt along with half-pants that are becoming worn out at the cuffs. Of course, it's a whole different ballgame once he becomes Diablo. As a former Cross Reverie player, Diablo was Sakamoto's avatar. He was a white-haired Demon with sharp black eyes. In the MMORPG, he would always defeat other players thanks to better equipment and his overwhelming skills. He may not be as awesome on Earth as he is with his avatar, but that's what's really cool about him. Diablo wouldn't be the same without Sakamoto, and Sakamoto wouldn't be who he is if it weren't for his avatar.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2Rem Galleu


    Rem already looks cute but the cat ears just make her look even cuter! Rem Galleu is a short Pantherian girl with long black hair. So, seeing as she's part-panther, that explains the cat ears. Oh, and she also has a tail too. You might think that her beautiful black color is common for Pantherians but its actually the opposite. Having black features among her kind is very rare which makes her even more unique. Her cat-like green eyes and spruce eyebrows give her an expressionless look and it really makes you feel the strength of her volition. She's the vessel of Demon King Krebskrum's soul and eventually became a Summoner. She's cute, charming, and a total stud and that's why we love her!

  2. 3Shera L. Greenwood


    Anytime you see a tall girl with long golden blonde hair, you just can't help falling for her. That's why Shera has caught our hearts the moment we laid eyes on her. Shera L. Greenwood is an Elf, born as the princess of the Kingdom of Greenwood. She wears a green tunic called the 'Coat of Princess.' But the tunic is only tied up with strings in several places which leaves her skin exposed in different areas. When it comes to her personality, she's not the type of girl to take 'no' for an answer and she hates taking baths alone. She's classified by Greenwood's Adventurers Association as a Level 40 Archer. That's how you know that she's as strong as it gets. She's charming, energetic, and her cuteness knows no bounds. She's definitely one to look out for!

  1. 4Alicia Crystella


    There are two sides to every coin and the same could be said about Alicia Crystella. First of all, she's an Imperial Knight that was born as a daughter of duke house. She's tall and very beautiful. Plus, she has a thin body with long, slender limbs. Her luscious and vibrant red hair grows long down to her waist. She wears edged glasses to go with her lightweight and easy-to-move-in armor. At first glance, she seems kind, polite, friendly, and gentle. She has a strong sense of moral justice towards anyone who threatens the peace and safety of her kingdom. But, that's just one side of the coin. Her other self is someone who hates all the races, calling them unsightly and weak. Even so, one common trait between her two selves is that she's serious. She exerts all her effort without compromise and her determination just brings a whole different side of her. One that we definitely enjoy seeing.

  2. 5Edelgard


    Who knew demons could look this cute? Edelgard is definitely one of our favorites not only for her appearance but also her great combat skills. She's a short and beautiful demonic girl with long silver hair and brown skin. She wears a jet-black, full-body armor equipped with a helmet whenever she's in battle. She rides a dragon-like creature and descends from it before any battle which is pretty cool. With a spear as her weapon of choice, she's utterly ruthless in combat. Even so, she's an honest, noble, brave, and loyal soul. She may not strike you as the type but she actually prefers peaceful resolution rather than fighting. Compared to other 'Fallens' who act like omnicidal maniacs, Edelgard is quite the exception and that's why we love her.


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