Who are the best Hunter x Hunter female characters?

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No doubt, Hunter x Hunter brims with the best anime characters ever! Yet, thanks to Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator, for making sure to give enough recognition to Hunter x Hunter female characters. And that's true whether they be the ones who helped Gon and Killua conspire in finish their missions or enemies who gave them a hard time. Apart from their out-the-world characteristics, such as impeccable speed and unfaltering physical strength, their personality, conflated with their charisma, is what makes them these Hunter x Hunter female characters truly a gem!

  1. 1Alluka Zoldyck


    Indeed, looks can be deceiving! Alluka Zoldyck may appear to be a harmless child adorned with a cute headband but to tell you frankly, she is certainly one of the strongest Hunter x Hunter female characters, if not the best! Going beyond greater feats achieved by Mereum and Netero in terms of strength, Alluka Zoldyck's abilities are based on magic. With just a single thought, she can change one's fate. She's a reality-bender! 

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  1. 2Biscuit Krueger


    Yet, another seemingly cute and one the best Hunter x Hunter female character is Biscuit Krueger. Knowing that she is a Double-Star Stone Hunter, you may be surprised when she transforms into her true nature. She is a massively muscular lady and a living epitome of a strong woman. But no worries, Biscuit Krueger always tries to calm herself down to keep herself from transforming. We just stan a woman of physical strength! Truly one of the strongest female Hunter x Hunter characters!

  2. 3Machi Komacine


    Small but terrible! Three words to describe Machi Komacine, the strongest and one of the best Hunter x Hunter female characters in and out the Phantom Troupe. Her body may be petite but she brims with physical strength, which Killua, Gon, and Leorio recognize. Her bare hands are powerful in maneuvering her wires to hang and strangling her enemies. 

  1. 4Palm Siberia


    Palm Siberia is a certified badass! And that makes her one of the best Hunter x Hunter female characters! After her reincarnation as a Chimera Ant soldier, Palm has lost her ability to feel emotions. Thanks to Killua does something about her surgery. Everyone realizes that she has become the intelligent woman that nobody expected her to be. Violent behaviors started to fade. Not to mention that Palm is a good cook too! Isn't she adorable? 

  2. 5Pakunoda


    Meet Pakunoda! One of the OGS of the Phantom Troupe, along with Franklin, Machi, Chrollo, and others. Speaking of Chrollo, she's been very loyal to him. In general, she is, indeed, a loyal follower and friend. But really, what makes her one of the best Hunter x Hunter female characters? First, her pain tolerance is high, which makes her resilient, and Killua can attest to that. Secondly, she can run so fast while managing to change positions from one to another. Thirdly, she is a Nen specialist and she gets to read other's memories!


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