Who are the best James Bond villains?

We all know how cool Agent 007 is. With all his amazing action sequences and breathtaking undercover missions, it is not hard to understand why he is the most-revered spy in the whole history of cinema. With a mind-blowing 24 installments featuring different on-point actors such as Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig among others, there is no shortage of iconic James Bond moments fans will always remember. And if you really follow James Bond, you must know that he is slick and all, and so are his villains. All the famed 007 movie titles boast of a staple group of enemies just like the Spectre together with evil henchmen behind it. Having the James Bond villains ranked comprehensively is not an easy task but there are noticeable things that bind them all.

For someone to be considered a worthy enemy of our super-spy, one must usually have a grand evil scheme, tons of wealth and a good shiny outfit. James Bond villains are icons as well as a lot of people look into using their costumes in parties and whatnot. This can also be credited to the tremendous performance of James Bond villains actors throughout the franchises' long run. If you have a favorite villain at the top of your head, that's cool, but if you are looking to dive a little deeper, we have in this list the best James Bond villains. It's time to give these evil guys some credit for making a heck of sneaky plots which almost destroyed James Bond himself a number of times.

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    Ernst Stavro Blofeld

    If there is someone who deserves credit for being the ultimate archenemy of our favorite spy, it is Ernst Stavro Blofeld. This bald head of the Spectre has been behind the meanest ploys known by all James Bond fans. From brainwashing people to spreading viruses, Blofeld is synonymous with evil schemes as well as with his white cat. Though being played by at least seven different actors throughout his appearances in the Bond franchise, there's always consistency in his character and that is being the ultimate James Bond villain ever.

    • Victoria PanWritten on December 26, 2019
      "I love this guy and his pet cat. If we're talking about the most iconic James Bond villain, it has to be him no doubt! I've liked his ty[e of evil since From Russia with Love"
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    Auric Goldfinger

    This James Bond villain is known to create iconic moments remembered throughout the 007 franchise although he might not be on top of your head as the premier villain out there. There are lots of evil things that Auric Goldfinger has done but his unparalleled obsession with gold stands out as his brand. And yes, he almost sliced James Bond into two by way of a laser. This villain got a knack for creating evil schemes. He eventually got his share of misfortune as he got sucked out of a plane leading to his death.

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    Francisco Scaramanga

    When you are an assassin who uses solar power for business, then you must be one evil dude. Francisco Scaramanga is 'The Man with the Golden Gun' himself and is known to have the capabilities of a really cool villain and at some point, you might pick him as the guy yo kill our super spy. He is known for his super cool looking golden pistol as well as his transformers-style car that fits a villain so much. Though he challenged Bond to a duel, it didn't turn out to his favor. Nonetheless, he is still a remarkable James Bond villain.

    • James AustinWritten on December 26, 2019
      "Really badass! His pistol that's assembled out of a cigarette container is probably the baddest weapon i've seen out of a James Bond villain"
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    Le Chiffre

    Casino Royale's main antagonist, Le Chiffre, is one bad man. This pseudo-banker knows a thing or two about winning big and being a real shenanigan as he funds terrorists for his own good. He even went as far as organizing a Texas Holdem tournament to suck money out of the richest folks. However, his overconfidence in gambling would eventually lead him to his downfall as Agent 007 outsmarts him in a number of ways. 

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    Raoul Silva

    Raoul Silva is best known as the cyber-terrorist cum hacker from the Skyfall and Spectre James Bond films. With his interesting backstory, there is no doubt that there are enough motives that drive his evil plots and why he goes up against our favorite spy. If you would remember his death scene, you would understand how cool of a villain this guy is. Despite being stabbed by Bond at the back, he still accomplishes his plan of killing M. Now that's one heck of a villain.

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