Who are the best JoJo's Bizarre Adventure characters?

So, who's your favorite JoJo ever? Well, we get it if you don't have one because all protagonists from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure are cool in their own way. And oh, even the villains are interesting and worthy of your stan! With its iconic art style and Western pop culture references, what's not worth loving about the franchise? Whatever it is that inspired manga genius Hirohiko Araki to create this monster of a story, we guess every otaku fan just wants a piece of it. So, whether you've been reading the manga or watching the anime, you must have your favorite JJBA characters in mind. Why not scroll down to check our list of the best JoJo's Bizarre Adventure characters that the franchise has produced? Enjoy!

  1. 1Joseph Joestar


    There's no doubt that Joseph Joestar is the quintessential JoJo's Bizarre Adventure character, despite being a spitting image of Jonathan when it comes to appearance. Well, he's arrogant, loud, and isn't afraid to pick a fight, but a lot of fans still love him for that. Now, he might sound like such an unlikely shonen protagonist but don't be deceived by his personality. He's pretty smart, quick-witted, and on top of that, he's always prepared for anything. So, is there anyone still willing to argue why the second JoJo of the series is the best out of them all?

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  1. 2Yoshikage Kira


    Well, isn't Kira a very interesting character who lives around an interesting paradox? After all, he just wants is to live a perfectly normal life as opposed to his lustful desire for women's hands (in a literal sense). This is portrayed well by his strange and meticulous habits but most importantly, by his Killer Queen stand which has a pretty slick look. After all, it suits Kira's personality, appearance, and needs. Yoshikage Kira proved that even an abnormal and paraphilic serial killer like him can be worthy of praise from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans! 

  2. 3Jotaro Kujo


    If there was a poster boy for the entirety of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, it would have to be Jotaro Kujo! Well, he's calm, collected, stoic, yet a very effective leader to the rest of the cast. It's also hard to miss his signature visored, ornamented cap and mid-calf-length coat with chains attached to it. Well, if ever you saw what his full capabilities consists of, you can blame it all to Dio's reign of terror. And of course, there's Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum as well, which might be the best Stand that there is in the series. He's just an amazing character overall, isn't he?

  1. 4Dio Brando


    Dio Brando is arguably one of the biggest antagonists in the entirety of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The killer Stand wielder has effectively cast his shadow across the Joestar family's famed franchise. And in the process, he was able to win the hearts of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure stans! He is also responsible for a number of protagonist deaths, most remarkably that of Jonathan Joestar. Well, even after his death, Dio's fans would still be glad to see his influence wielding until the series' sixth season, Stone Ocean!

  2. 5Funny Valentine


    If we're talking about the most underrated character in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, then it's gotta be none other than Funny Valentine. Despite being a villain, he has the noblest goal out of all the characters. Imagine having a bad guy whose objective is to achieve prosperity for his country? Well, that's him. However, if he wasn't so evil in going about it, he probably wouldn't even be a villain in the first place. His backstory makes him even better because he fought tooth and nail for his country. As a result, he even has the 'Stars and Stripes' carved onto his back.

  3. 6Gyro Zeppeli


    'Part VII: Steel Ball Run' was the point in the series where Araki finally got the hang of backstories. You could tell that the dialogue is much better and a huge part of it is because of Gyro Zeppeli. Even though Johnny is the main protagonist at the time, Gyro was the one leading the story. He was the one to introduce Johnny to the Steel Ball Run in the first place. He was also the first to have a backstory as well as the motivation to be in the Steel Ball Run. He's wacky, creative, compassionate, and downright lovable. Imagine how fun it would be for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans to see a Steel Ball Run anime adaptation!

  4. 7Jean-Pierre Polnareff


    We can all agree that Jean-Pierre Polnareff is the character that we just love for being an idiot, right? He's the comic relief guy that you could call the 'Butt Monkey' of the entire team. He also has this thing where he's always the first to get attacked by the stand user of the week which is pretty funny and amusing at the same time. But the thing about him is that he has the most character development out of anybody in Stardust Crusaders and it's awesome! Well, it's safe to say that there's no other character like him in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!

  5. 8Robert E.O. Speedwagon


    So, much for being named after a rock band, Robert Edward Oliver Speedwagon is a major ally in the early parts of the JJBA series. Well, he is a character that started out as a street thug but ended up on the good side of the story. He became the head of the Speedwagon Foundation after all, who has been assisting the Joestar family for the longest time. Though the guy has his obvious weaknesses, you'd probably never see someone as street smart as him when he uses that crafty Saw-Hat!

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