Who are the best loli anime characters?

Before you start raising your eyebrows and judge me, anime loli is different from Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. While the latter is very controversial (as it should be!), loli anime represent young, comedic, kawaii, and sometimes meme-worthy characters that give a youthful vibe to the show. In short, loli anime characters add light humor to the story by acting ridiculously cute, on purpose. Now that we’ve cleared that, it’s time to get to know the best loli anime characters. There are actually a lot of them but I’ve only chosen the creme of the crop because that’s how we do it here. Anyway, without any further ado, here are the cutest and most lovable loli anime characters to ever grace the screen.

  1. 1Wendy Marvell


    In an anime full of beautiful ladies, Wendy Marvell stands out in Fairy Tail due to her petite appearance and very cute personality. Adding to her charms is her cute and polite personality. When you see her in Fairy Tail’s guild headquarters, you can’t help but wonder how that cute kid got mixed up with brutes. As cute as she may be, Wendy is quite powerful and is not someone you can easily mess with. She’s also always accompanied by her equally adorable Exceed companion, Carla.

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  1. 2Sakura Kinomoto


    Arguably the most popular loli character, Sakura Kinomoto is very different from most loli girls. Instead of the usual shy types, Sakura is a very energetic and cheerful 10-year old girl. Adding to her charms is her clumsiness, naiveness, and somewhat dense character. Don’t be fooled though, she may be young but Sakura is a very skilled card captor. 

  2. 3Chibiusa Tsukino


    Who would forget this pink-haired brat from the Sailor Moon series? Chibiusa Tsukino is a pain in the neck for being so bratty, a little spoiled, and hard-headed but those just add to her loli charms. Fun fact, her name Chibiusa actually means rabbit because this cutie resembles a rabbit. I mean look at her rabbit hair, it may be pink but you know it’s definitely rabbit ears. Anyway, Chibiusa is a cute loli anime character with an amazing power so don’t underestimate her.

  1. 4Yoshino Himekawa


    This cutie is another loli anime character you’d want to be your little sister. She’s Yoshino Himekawa, the second spirit saved by Shido in Date A Live. Her blue eyes and long curly blue hair give Yoshino a very adorable vibe. Not to mention that she’s very shy yet kind making her a total cutie patootie. But that’s not all, because she’s too shy, she makes her puppet, Yoshinon, do the talking for her. You really can’t argue that she’s one of the cutest loli girls.

  2. 5Kobato Hasegawa


    Ahh, this red-and-blue-eyed cutie is such a darling and she makes me want to have her as my sister. Kobato Hasegawa from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is the cheerful younger sister of the main character, Kodaka. Aside from her cute looks, Kobato’s play pretends about being a vampire queen makes her very adorable. Why a vampire queen? That’s based on her favorite show, of course! She may act like a queen but in her heart, she’s still a child who clings on to her brother all the time.

  3. 6Aria Holmes Kanazaki


    This pink haired girl is the next loli character on our list. She’s Aria Holmes Kanazaki, aka Sherlock Holmes IV. Aria is a pretty badass Butei (she’s an S-Rank!) but her petite appearance is so cute that you’ll forget how deadly she is. She may be small but she’s very loud and outspoken, making it impossible for you to miss her. Quite the opposite, right?

  4. 7Kinue Hayase


    Not all loli anime characters are preteens, some are just tiny despite their age. Just take a look at Kinue Hayase from Masamune-kun no Revenge. She’s the mother—yes, mother—of Masamune Makabe and Chinatsu Hayase but she’s so cute and tiny! Aside from her appearance, Kinue is such a doting mother to her kids making her super lovable.

  5. 8Mei Sunohara


    Mei Sunohara from Clannad After Story is the little sister you wish you had. She’s actually Youhei’s little sister who happens to be the comic relief of the story. Despite his brother being a clown, Mei Sunohara is quite a serious person with a very caring personality. Don’t you just want to dote on a little girl who cares about you?

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As cute as these loli girls are, did you know that the word loli comes from Lolita, a controversial novel by Vladimir Nabokov? If you’ve never heard of this novel, good for you. But if you’re curious about what makes this controversial, it’s because the main character of this novel is a middle-aged man who became obsessed with the 12-year old Lolita. Yep, it’s about pedophilia. Don’t worry, the loli girls featured in this page are not that kind of Lolita. However, if you feel weird about this then you better stick to the best anime waifus.

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