Who are the best members of Sinister Six?

Everybody loves the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. We love it more when he slings his web, cruising around NYC in his unique way, defeating forces of evil. But who are these bad guys that always stir trouble in the big apple? Well, there are many of them! As a matter of fact, Spidey’s enemies have gathered together and branded themselves as the infamous Sinister Six. And as the saying goes, there is strength in numbers, the Sinister 6 is actually one of the most dangerous teams of villains in the Marvel universe. But are they really strong? They’re quite diverse, honestly speaking. Some are physically strong, while others are cunning and calculating. That goes to say that it isn’t impossible for fans to wonder who are the best members of the Sinister Six. Curious? Keep reading then!

When Sinister Six was first introduced in Amazing Spider-Man Annual (Vol.1) #1, the group consisted of Doctor Octopus, Electro, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, and Vulture. That was a long time ago and in the years that followed, the elite villain group has seen changes in their members. What usually was just six soon became more. Even Doctor Octopus’ reign as their leader didn’t stand the test of time and was later replaced by new villains. And that brings us back to our previous question. Just who among these bad boys are the real bad boys? Who can make Doc Ock proud and who tarnished his legacy? No need to wonder more as we give you the best of the best among the Sinister Six members.

  1. 1Doctor Octopus


    The founder and long-time leader of the Sinister 6, Doctor Octopus has both the intellect and strength. Because of this, he is considered to be the strongest in the group.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Electro


    Electro can manipulate electricity, thanks to a freak accident. He was so strong that Spider-Man needed an insulated suit to defeat him.

  2. 3Mysterio


    We’ve seen him in the last Spider-Man: Away From Home movie with his special effects that conned Spider-Man and the rest of the world. This deceitful villain is so cunningly dangerous.

  1. 4Venom


    Venom is a nightmare to handle and often likes to work alone. He was recruited by Sandman to oust Doc Ock. Even with his short stint with the group, Venom is not an easy opponent.

  2. 5Kraven the Hunter


    This not-so-scary-looking villain should not be taken lightly. Kraven the Hunter has an empowered body and his skills as a world-class hunter is no joke.

  3. 6Sandman


    A pioneering member of the Sinister Six, Sandman is a brilliant villain who is hard to defeat. However, his doubts about his villain career made him betray the group.

  4. 7Hobgoblin


    Hobgoblin, or Jason Macendale, is a recurring member of the Sinister Six. He is deadly and dangerous, powered by the same potion that enhanced Kraven’s body.


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