Who are the best members of the Suicide Squad?

The Suicide Squad has been a prominent supervillain team in the DC Comics universe since the 1950s. While the core members have remained more or less constant through the years, the team has seen its number grow with the addition of various personalities. So, we thought it would be fun to see who are the best members of the Suicide Squad in our list below. Sound off in the comments and tell us what you think.

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    Deathstroke is a former soldier turned mercenary and assassin that took part in an experimental super-soldier project gaining enhanced strength, agility, and intelligence. He became a member of the Suicide Squad for a short time before he eventually became a villain for the group.

    • Wei LaiWritten on October 21, 2019
      "He seemed like such an instant fit with his particular skill set and would have been one of the best Suicide Squad members but alas, it didn't last long though and instead became its villain."
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    Deadshot is an excellent marksman and a hired assassin with no issues of killing anyone if the price is right. While he has been portrayed as a supervillain and adversary to Batman, he has become an antihero of sorts, most notably during his time as a member of the Suicide Squad.

    • Arthur GuerreroWritten on October 21, 2019
      "He has basically been a mainstay in the Suicide Squad early on and you could say that he has become its de facto leader over the years. Being a skilled marksman and great tactician, it's no wonder though."
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    Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn is a supervillain and adversary to Batman. While she is most often linked to the Joker for their relationship, she has had a long career, solo, or with other groups such as the Secret Six, Gotham City Sirens, and most notably, the Suicide Squad. Chemical experimentations have given her increased strength, durability, and agility.

    • Sarah ArmstrongWritten on October 21, 2019
      "I just love her in the comics and from the movie. She is definitely the best member of the Suicide Squad in my opinion. She brings this level of edge and crazy that so lovable to see."
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    Enchantress is a powerful witch with an unstable mental condition. Normally as kind and gentle identity as June Moore, she turns evil when she's possessed by the spirit of the Enchantress. She proves her might during one encounter between the Justice League and Suicide Squad where she held her own against the Man of Steel.

    • Evelyn WatkinsWritten on October 21, 2019
      "The live-action film didn't do her character justice as she is quite the powerful badass in the comics though. She could even hold her own against Superman in one of their encounters."
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    Killer Croc

    Killer Croc is an enemy of Batman with incredible super-strength and a crocodile-like appearance. This mutation was originally a birth defect, although he becomes more reptilian over time due to genetic experimentation. He's become a mainstay of the Suicide Squad and even developed a romantic relationship with Enchantress.

    • Christopher DunnWritten on October 21, 2019
      "His mere presence would be enough to intimidate quite a few. I really didn't think that he would develop a romance with enchantress, but they did and it was unexpected, to say the least."
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    King Shark

    King Shark is a supervillain and humanoid shark born out of his father, Chondrakha, the God of all Sharks, and his human mother. He was a serial killer operating out of Hawaii until he was discovered by Superboy. Since then, he has become a member of groups such as the Secret Six, the Suicide Squad, and even was Aquaman's sidekick for a short time.

    • Dan XuWritten on October 21, 2019
      "He has been a part of the team for a while and it was great to read about him in the comics. He didn't appear in the live-action movie be here's to hoping that will change with the next one."
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    Katana is a Japanese superhero that wields the blade, the Soultaker Sword. It is a magical relic that steals the essence of anyone it slays and gets stored inside it. She has been a member of Batman's black-ops team, Outsiders as well as the Birds of Prey, and recently her introduction to the Suicide Squad through Amanda Waller.

    • Amy FengWritten on October 21, 2019
      "It was really cool to see get featured in the live-action film as she is one of the best members that the team has had in my opinion. I hope to see more of her in the coming sequel movie."
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    Rick Flag

    Rick Flag was a former fighter pilot turned elite soldier after the tragic deaths of his entire unit. He has become a member of Task Force X as well as the leader of the Suicide Squad, working for Amanda Waller that goes on various suicidal field missions.

    • Terry WoodsWritten on October 21, 2019
      "While he's officially the team's leader, it could be argued the Deadshot could just be as good a leader to the team. Regardless, he has proven himself to be a great strategist and capable fighter."

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