Who are the best Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid characters?

Look out 'cause one of the most beloved anime series in 2017 is coming back with a bang! 'Dragon Maid' was one of the most adorable Japanese manga series that deserved an anime adaptation. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is full of comedy and fantasy. With all the quirky moments that the show has, fans were quick to fall in love with the anime. But, it's not just the show's unusual plot that got us going. A big part of why we love it so much is because of the absolutely adorable characters that it has! Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that a huge dragon with horns and a scaly tail could turn out to be a cute little girl in a maid outfit. But that's not the half of it. This show has plenty of other adorable female anime characters and this list is here to prove it!

  1. 1Kanna Kamui


    Isn't Kanna just the absolute cutest? Thanks to her big blue eyes and purple hair, it makes her even cuter. She might not look it, but underneath all that cuteness is a little prankster with a mischievous sense of humor. She's actually a very young dragon who was sent to Earth as punishment for her juvenile behavior. The four horns on top of her head look like a bow and she has a cute little tail that's a puffy ball. She looks like a normal elementary school student but she eats electricity and rarely shows emotion. Just watch out for her waterworks 'cause as soon as he starts crying, she looks so adorable that she can make anyone bend to her will. As fans of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, she has definitely captured our hearts!

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  1. 2Tohru


    Now, here's the main dragon of the entire series. Tohru is a remarkable Chaos dragon with green scales and can travel up to space without much effort. But when she's in human form, she looks like a regular blond girl with red eyes wearing a maid outfit. She's energetic, cute, and ready to lay everything on the line for her friends. She used to hate humans but after spending some time with them, she's learned to love them especially Kobayashi. Although she might sound like a perfect ten, she has a couple of issues here and there. She gets jealous pretty easily and becomes irrational and possessive at times. Even so, who wouldn't want a woman who's completely devoted to keeping you happy, right?

  2. 3Fafnir


    Looks can be deceiving and Fafnir is the perfect example of this. Sure, he's a cursed dragon that will hoard everything 'cause he's driven by his greed. Plus, he has got a bit of a mean streak 'cause his first words were 'Kill them all.' Yikes! But once we get past that fact, he turned out to be a pretty gentle human who fell in love with gamer and anime culture. He might look like the silent and timid kind but inside him, there's a rage monster just waiting to break out of its shell. Better not get on his bad side or you may just end up regretting it.

  1. 4Kobayashi


    First things first, Kobayashi is a girl. She just doesn't care that much about her appearance that's why she could easily pass as a boy. But even so, she doesn't like the fact that she has a flat chest and she's pretty self-conscious about it. At first glance, you might think that she's not that cute especially since she tries to hide her female traits. But once she shows a totally different side of her, you'll see that she can get really hyped up about the things she likes and cares about. She gets very flustered around the dragons that have invaded her life. So underneath that stern demeanor of a grumpy old woman is a cute, bundle of joy that's just waiting to burst out!

  2. 5Elma


    No matter how much she tries to pretend like a threatening predator, she still comes off as the cutest little thing! That's why it's pretty hard to imagine that she's a sea serpent. Yeah, you read that right. It's because of her childlike innocence and love for sweets that probably throws people off. Underneath her cute appearance is a harmony dragon that has the strength capable of breaking walls. Just when you thought that she's too powerful, you'd be surprised to know that chocolate actually brings her to her knees. In her human form, she has black hair, blue eyes, and she wears a purple open kimono over a black leotard. It's her desire to look intimidating but absolutely cute at the same time which makes her even more adorable! 

  3. 6Riko Saikawa


    We've got another cutie in the mix and she's a definite keeper just like the rest of them on this list. Riko Saikawa is a little girl with shoulder-length brown hair. She has dark-green eyes and usually wears a long-sleeved shirt with a rounded yellow neckline and some high socks. She might seem bossy and mean especially the first time we see her but over time she becomes nicer. She's Kanna's closest friend and classmate and she's pretty polite towards Kobayashi. She becomes flustered and goofy whenever Kanna touches her or praises her. That tells you that she really likes Kanna to the point that she has a crush on her.

  4. 7Shouta Magatsuchi


    No matter what anyone says, Shouta is a shy and innocent looking boy. But he did accidentally summon the voluptuous Lucoa so there's that. Still, that doesn't take away from the fact that he's the cutest little wizard boy in the series. One of his upsides is that he's quite smart for his age. Not to mention, he always chooses to follow the harder path for his studies and his gifts. That says a lot about his determination. He constantly blushes and often embarrasses himself when he's around the other dragons. Even so, that just adds to the adorable, purple-haired package that he already has.

  5. 8Lucoa (Quetzalcoatl)


    In ancient times, Quetzalcoatl referred to a powerful and loving goddess. She was loved and revered by the Aztecs. That is until an incident happened with her sister and a bottle of cursed wine which got her demoted to a simple dragon again. Now, Lucoa may not have the tile of a goddess but she has the wisdom and power that comes with years of experience. This two-toned haired girl always has her eyes shut and it makes her smile even more charming. Plus, she's arguably the sexiest characters in the series and has a bust that's bigger than usual. As the oldest of the dragons, Lucoa acts as a 'sister' to every one of them and it makes her seem even nicer than she already is.

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The first volume of the 'Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid' manga was changed before it was published. The story of the first volume was supposed to feature a boy named Kobashi. Also, it was originally written as a romance anime that would have resulted in an entirely different kind of story. But, the author had a change of heart and decided that it would be better if he dropped the romance aspect. Then he decided to make the main character a female so it could focus on fantasy and comedy aspects. Good call 'cause romance tends to complicate things.

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