Who are the best SNL cast members?

Bringing its brand of not-so for primetime entertainment for more than four decades now, SNL (Saturday Night Live) has been ruling America's Saturday nights as the king of late evening TV for such a long time. It has been the comedy authority for its time slot and with over 71 Primetime Emmy Awards under its belt, it has stapled itself as a legend in Hollywood television. Gracing fans' dull and lifeless viewing nights since 1975, people have seen tons of SNL cast members leaving but the essence of the program seems to still remain the same. Its signature parodies of different commentaries of politics and culture have been well-loved. The show, in fact, has been adapted in different countries, thanks to its name and fan service friendly format.

With SNL having different great celebrities who have appeared either as guests or cast members, the show had its share of ups and downs. However, with the great wits of its writers, one can say that though there has not been one stable roster of SNL cast members, its effect on entertainment fans have lingered for a long time, as it still does. Simply having SNL cast members ranked could be very a very daunting task as we all have our own biases in terms of our favorites. However, in this list, we are presenting to you our list of the best SNL cast members who have been on the show a reasonable time frame, enough for their names to be almost synonymous to the show. Enjoy!

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    Eddie Murphy

    We all know that Eddie Murphy is an outstanding actor-comedian but not a lot of fans are aware of how he has saved the show during its low points in the early 1980s. Arriving at a time when SNL's ratings weren't enough to cement it as a regular late-night fixture, Mr. Murphy will always be one of the most iconic SNL cast members ever. Who will ever have a better take on sensitive topics going on skits other than this guy? He seems to make even the most awkwardly-written script turn to an easy laugh. He is what the SNL needed and he delivered.

    • Craig NicholsWritten on December 10, 2019
      "As a fan of this guy, I can say that I'm proud to have followed him in his SNL days and he really did save the show singlehandedly. For real, there's no other SNL cast member as hilarious as he is"
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    Will Ferrell

    As if his most recent movies aren't hilarious enough, we got here a real funny guy who doesn't even need to try to make us crack up. Will Ferrell will always be remembered as one of the more reputable SNL cast members ever due to his sheer presence and amazing comic repertoire. He has done his part to save the show in the mid-90s and all fans surely love it. His unforgettable Ryan Reyolds monologue alone can earn him a unanimous first-ballot SNL hall of fame nomination. 

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    Dan Aykroyd

    This guy is so cool that he even turned a parody band he had in SNL into an actual band. Dan Aykroyd has been considered the show's backbone as part of its first-ever casting making him an irreplaceable member of the show's core of cast members. Who would even forget his countless antics as part of the famed "The Not Ready For Prime Time Players" that the show headlined? If we're talking about the most impressive impressions ever seen on SNL, it's gotta be this Canadian dude who did it.

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    John Belushi

    If you have Dan Aykroyd on the list, then you got to have this guy as well. Forming one of the most formidable comic duos in TV, John Belushi and Aykroyd will forever be remembered as one of the true core members of the early days of SNL. His impressions of Marlon Brando and even Elizabeth Taylor will forever be unmatched. And though he left the show to make movies until his eventual passing, Belushi will always be on top of the SNL cast members rankings.

    • Teresa CarlsonWritten on December 10, 2019
      "His Marlon Brando impression is one of the best I've seen during the show's good runs! Glad to have seen SNL"
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    Mike Myers

    Well, if not for this guy, we wouldn't have Wayne's World as well as its sequel. Straight out of his signature stint in Saturday Night Live, Mike Myers has gone on to become one of the best comedians we have ever seen in movies. With the immense comic talent that this guy has, it is not hard to see why fans will always love him and will always applaud his antics. When he happened to come back on a 2014 SNL episode as Dr. Evil, everyone just went nuts. 

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