Who are the best Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is such an enigma of a video that it shouldn't have even existed in the first place but it does and we as gamers are better off with it. Imagine characters from completely different universes duking it out, battle royale style. It can be quite daunting for a new-comer to choose which character to pick so we are here to help with our list of some of the best Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters to try out first.

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    Pikachu has been part of the original roster in Super Smash Bros and has been praised for being quite balanced with a lot of mobility to spare. His skill set covers a lot of situations from keeping enemies at a distance and piling on them as they recover from a fall.

    • Sean YeWritten on November 13, 2019
      "Pikachu is the best super smash bros ultimate character for me due to his balanced design with great mobility and great range attacks. Plus, he's just so damn cute and fun to use in the game."
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    Princess Peach

    Princess Peach has been named by players over the world as one the best, if not, the best character in Smash Bros Ultimate right now. This is due to her unique aerials skills that enable her to float in the air and perform some unique combos.

    • Danielle DunnWritten on November 13, 2019
      "She has a nice and versatile skill set that makes it very hard to go up against. Her aerials, in particular, are fast and hard to predict making her arguably the best smash bros ultimate character right now. "
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    It can be argued that when it comes to the best sword-wielding character in the game, Roy and Chrom are the top picks. Marth and Lucina are both solid options as well with Lucina, in particular, being quite consistent when it comes to dealing damage.

    • Hao FengWritten on November 13, 2019
      "Both Marth and Lucina are great and balanced sword-wielding characters in the game. Marth has slightly better reach but I prefer Lucina for her the consistency of her attacks. Definitely one of the best super smash bros ultimate characters to use."
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    Judging from his looks, you wouldn't think that he would make for a good tank but he is actually one of the heaviest characters in the game and can take on sizable damage from enemy attacks. His directional attacks are great with enemies in the air.

    • Larry HallWritten on November 13, 2019
      "Despite his diminutive size, he's one of the heaviest characters in the game and can tank and take damage like a champ. "
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    Olimar's greatest strength lies in his ability to throw his Pikmin at enemies and keep them at a distance. A unique element of this is that each colored Pikmin corresponds to a different type of attack such elemental attacks or even stun an opponent.

    • Wei ZhangWritten on November 13, 2019
      "Olimar is great for when you want to keep some distance from your enemies. His pikmins have gotten me out of tough situations a lot of times and it's fun to experiment with the different effects they have on opponents."
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    Chrom is a new meta introduced in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and has become a favorite among players with others actually preferring him over Roy now. He deals damage more consistently than Roy as well. 

    • Lucy MaoWritten on November 13, 2019
      "I used Roy a lot but after trying Chrom, he is now my favorite sword-wielding character. Roy still does more damage but Chrom deals them more consistently."
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    Lucario's skill set gives him a unique fighting style that emphasizes his knockback attacks to keep enemies at a distance. This, in combination with his high-damage skills, makes him a formidable opponent to face. 

    • Larry RussellWritten on November 13, 2019
      "Lucario's play style suits me well. I can mix his knockback attacks together with his ranged attack to keep enemies at a safe distance away from me. It's quite effective actually. Try it out."
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    Mewtwo has been lauded as one of the strongest characters in the original Super Smash Bros and that remains true in Ultimate. His large projectiles, teleportation and even tail attacks give him an edge on the battlefield.

    • Anna FowlerWritten on November 13, 2019
      "He was one of the strongest characters in the first smash bros and he is still a strong contender in ultimate. He is very light though so you should be wary enemies looking to send him flying."


Best Who are the best Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters
1PikachuCharacters 19 Free
2Princess PeachCharacters 14 Free
3LucinaCharacters 8 Free
4YoshiCharacters 3 Paid
5OlimarGame Elements 3 Paid
6ChromGame Elements 2 Paid
7LucarioOther 1 Free
8MewtwoCharacters 1 Free

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