Who are the best superheroes Meghan Markle could portray in a film or TV show?

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Meghan Markle has long been a superhero in the eyes of her fans and followers. However, it might not take long for us to see her in an actual superheroine thread. Now that the actress and former Duchess of Sussex has chosen financial independence and detachment from her senior royal family member status, the doors are wide open for a potential action-packed role in a big superhero film. Markle's agent has been reportedly active in looking for movie franchises that could provide a much-needed boost to her acting career. After her marriage in 2017, the former 'Suits' star surely has deprived the public from seeing her acting career go in full bloom. However, with the impending phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films on its way, the time seems perfect for Meghan Markle to be back on the big screen. With her beauty and talent, there might be even actual fans who can imagine her sporting Black Widow's costume. But we're not going to look at her behind someone else's shadow, right? We're pretty sure she can make a splash given the right femme fatale role. Check on this list to see some of the best superheroes that Meghan Markle could portray in a film or TV show. 

  1. 1Princess Projectra


    Honestly, Meghan Markle acting as Princess Projectra might be the closest thing to that 'royal playing a princess' scenario that we have wished for. For starters, Projectra is a royal from her world of Orando, which would always remind us of what Megan used to be. Well, this DC princess also doubles as Sensor Girl to be able to hide her powers. If you're looking at an actress who has multiple facades at her disposal, Meghan Markle would always make her case. It will also be her acting ability that would ultimately make us forget her former duchess status while we're watching her in character. 

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Keep Binging

  1. 2Atlantiades


    It could be a far cry from reality, but what if Meghan Markle actually played the role of a demigod in a movie? Fans would definitely be thrilled to see the actress take on a villain-turned-heroine character for a DC film. This is why Atlantiades (Wonder Woman's sister) could be the perfect superhero she could be. Just imagine her wearing that pure white gown while fighting alongside Gal Gadot. There's nothing wrong with dreaming, right? Also, Atlantiades once said "I am life well lived. I am the union of opposites". Now, still don't think she fits the role? 

  2. 3Isis


    While DC's Isis has been adapted before in shows such as Smallville and Legends of Tomorrow, who would say no to a Meghan Markle version in the movies? Just by looking at the Egyptian beauty's physique, one can't deny that the character fits her well. If you want to have a better grasp of things, you can also try looking up 1975's superhero TV show 'The Secrets of Isis'. You'll surely be in awe with how much Meghan resembles the series' lead, Joanna Cameron. 

  1. 4Roma


    If the rumblings about Marvel creating a Captain Britain flick are true, Meghan Markle could be the perfect Roma alongside any actor. Though playing a supporting role may not be what diehard fans aim for her, acting as the 'Goddess of the Northern Skies' will be a big step towards her mainstream comeback. As the protector of the Omniverse, Roma has been a royalty to fans of the Marvel comics, whatever fate befell her. We're pretty sure Meghan's fans will also stand by any role she takes from now on, whether she's still a member of the royal family or not.  

  2. 5Gamora


    We bet you wouldn't picture Meghan Markle playing the role of Thanos' adopted daughter ever. In fact, she doesn't even look close to Zoe Saldana or Vanessa Marshall. But Gamora's storyline could actually give her the much-needed motivation for a big performance. Marvel fans know that Gamora is the last of her species and that she has survived by staying loyal to one of the galaxy's most-dreaded villains. It would be a challenge for any actress to play the green-faced assassin on the big-screen, but we're sure Meghan would be able to find her mojo if she relates her own personal experiences to the role.   


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